Smart Ass

I might be the dumbest person on earth. After sleeping for only 3.5 hours last night, restlessly as well for I was blaming myself all the way for dancing the whole night with one cool guy without knowing his name or exchanging phone numbers cause I was assuming that he was gay, when he was not, I had to fall to another misfortune.

I mean I really fell.

SD St. Clara’s deadline of submitting students’ reports was today. I woke up early to make it to meet Erlita before she was out to teach AND to skip my Dutch course once again (already two times in a row, last week I was in Lombok). Well, I spent a lot more money in Lombok than what I expected and the first of June was my mother’s birthday so I was emptying my bank account. That’s why I chose to walk to the MLT office, rather than spending some Rp 10,000 on becak. It’s actually near my house, if we take a shortcut. And that was what I was aiming to do.

The shortcut didn’t turn out to be the same anymore. The path I used to take was gone. Thick bushes covered the way and after walking soooo far just to find the right shortcut, I was forced back to the front of the Puri Indah housing complex and asked the security guy to show me the fastest way to Nirwana Executive.

The old man was friendly and kind. Clearly he showed me the shortcut and with his finger pointed he some turning directions in the bushes.
I thanked him and before he left, he told me to take a circling way to get to the other side of the bushes.

I stepped on the bushes, which were thick and damp, and thought why the old man asked me to take a farther turn when I could just walk straight to the other end. So being a smart ass as I considered myself as, I walked straight up.
It didn’t even take me two steps when I found my feet and legs much too wet and stuck in the POND UNDER THE BUSHES!!! Shit shit shit! Why didn’t he tell me there was water under the stupid useless annoying plants?!?!
Ok, he warned me, but there was no single explanation why I should turn. It should be his fault!

I was pulled deeper into the water and began to freak out (my water phobia is not yet fully defeated). I was about to scream for help but there was just no one around! The water had already had half of my body soaked. I told myself to calm down and got rid of my bag. I threw it to the other side and tried to find a stronger grip to get myself out of that shit. Excuse my language, but it did smell like shit, so that was actually the best expression. After a while, I succeeded in pulling my body out, and it took me 2 seconds before I started to laugh reaaally hard.

Man, my clumsiness. When will it ever end? And why was I laughing?

Apart from my fright of getting buried in an unknown place, beneath filthy grasses, that could be the funniest thing I experienced these last one month. Crazy. I was. And dumb. I should have listened to the kind old guy, but I didn’t.

So yeah.. I had to let myself be laughed at during my short walk to the office. I did smile all the time when I saw my wet jeans pants and jacket but I also had the feel to scold the tukang-tukang sayur who laughed at me when I passed them by with my oh so smelly wet jeans. Hehehe…

As soon as I arrived at the office, I borrowed a motorcycle to go back home to change clothes. JUST TO FORGET that I kept my room key in my bag, which I LEFT at the office!

Oh God.. I don’t know what to say anymore. But today, unable to open my own room and wear my own clothes, I had to sacrifice my look with some red exercise trousers of my niece and my own bright green top. Arrrgghhhh!!!!!!!


  1. hahahaha...I should have got to the office earlier to witness the result of your clumsiness :p

    Well, the clumsy just another creative act.


  2. hahaha 100x
    hello again miss clumsy!
    u should reconsider to listen to the elder and try harder to reduce your clumsiness :P
    make this 4 ur lesson.'s bright up ur day huh.
    :P (and us-who heard that-as well) :D

  3. astagaaa, carlaa...

    ati2 lain kali ya.


    benerannya orang yg kenal kamu pasti gak akan kaget denger ceritamu ini.. tapi tetep aja..


    bego bangettttttt!!! HUAHAHAHAHAHA...