Online Jerks

Quoting Ella:

Let us kill all men in the world named Mark! Screw them all, cut off their d*** and throw them into the ocean!!! *lagi emosi ama someone named Mark juga*

It all leaves me to one single ultimate conclusion :
Never fall in love a Mark
Never have an affair, let alone sleep or make love with a Mark
Never put too high hopes with a Mark
and once and for all...
NEVER give your son the name MARK!
He'll be screwed and sucking all his lifetime!

*grrrrrr... masih emosi*

IN FACT, don't believe ANY online guys you meet on the internet! They're completely sucker, son-of-a-bitch, JERK!

They can claim that they're honest, but they're simply the biggest liars! They can complain how love is something rare in this world but they simply don't give a damn if it does EXIST! They can pretend that they're sweet to fool us but they wear those horns on their head, that we OF COURSE can't see just from the words they fuckin TYPE over internet!

Mark Mulder, the one I used to fuss about, is one of the example. He appeared so perfect at first. So adorable in our first chats. So full of hopes and promises. Yet, SO FUCKIN FAKE! After a while he got me dreaming about my perfect match (finally!) and lifted me up so high in the sky with his oh-so-sweet-vision about love and life, JUST to let me down with what-he-thinks-is-a-decent-way to dump a girl. Fine, he told me he was coming in May, but when May was just not yet over, he told me he hadn't got the money. THEN in early June, he told me he was coming in September, but NOT ONLY to Indonesia, but also to the Philipines and Thailand (South East Asia). So he's suddenly rich? Hello???

I've been wondering about this, and wondering if it was right for me to agree to meet him when he's here later in September. I was almost sure that he was coming for another girl somewhere in those countries he mentioned and now, in this supposedly-to-be-a-bright-shiny-lovely day, I FOUND OUT whom. No, he wasn't telling me whom. He wouldn't dare. But that's just the point, huh? HE WAS NOT HONEST!
And meeting me (before or after, I don't care) he meets that girl... Is that a way to compare which is better? Of course we have nothing special at the moment, NOT anymore after I wrote this poem. And no, I have no more feelings about him. BUT IT WAS JUST SO FUCKING ANNOYING, to find out that he was not what he hoped he appeared to me!

I'm NOT going to meet him. Not in September, not EVER. He doesn't even deserve to be a friend, as I thought he did (and that's why we were still talking!!).

I'm emotional right now, I know. And I know, too, that Marijn was right! I'm never going to be able to have an easy relationship cause I tend to hope. And hope is what hurts us the most when it's not fulfilled. I ALWAYS want to believe in eternal love, happy ending stories blah blah, but all facts are supporting Marijn's ideas that there was no such thing in this stupid wicked world, no matter how the people WANT the other people to see them as, and I'M STARTING TO BELIEVE IN HIM! It used to be the last thing I wanted to believe for I would surely lose myself if I didn't trust love and myself. But this Mark showed me so much how true Marijn's statement was.

I'm so sick of guys, I AM! Tell me I'm hypocrite cause I need them as much as I hate them. But I really am sick of MEN!

Fuck them all!


  1. it's never easy for any of kind relationship related.
    not always smooth-but i believe there's someone out there who deserve to have our love.
    b careful w/ virtual ppl.
    *yg keliatan aja dah ribet-apalagi yg kagak..:P

  2. Men say women are complicated, they're right. we are complicated. :p
    But, in the complication of women's mind, it's also difficult to understand the "what-so-called-creature-from-mars" aka. MEN.

  3. Oh ya, btw, when he contacts u about the plan to meet up, tell him to FUCK OFF!

  4. Satu lagi korban keganasan cinta cyber :). Setuju ama smurf... "yg keliatan aja ribet apalagi yg kaga"

  5. Kamu lupa tambahan semboyannya, Carla... Fuck them all, THEN CUT OFF THEIR D*** AND THROW THEM INTO THE OCEAN!! Hahaha...

    About the virtual ppl, dari dulu aku emang gak pernah percaya ama cyber love or whatsoever people write over the net (Yunita & Markus were the one and only exceptions)
    Even by looking at their wicked faces u can't always tell whether or not they're being true, lha gimana yang gak keliatan?

    Keep on believing in true love, it will come down to you for sure... I mean, it happens everyday, it's just not your day just yet! There is supposed to be a good one among all those "aliens" from Mars, right??

  6. Hey Carla...

    Not all guys who walk on the Internet are fake. Some put their secrets and stories and soul out there, and they may be afraid to in real life. Chickensh*ts, maybe. :)

    Sorry this happened to you. Really, I am. You'll find happiness. It could be a guy on the 'net, even... possibly.

    If I had the money I'd come visit my friend in Surabaya. At the drop of a hat.

    *hugs* Clint

  7. la, i changed my link jadi hehe lebih nyambung ma tema blog nya kan ;)

  8. iya la.. jangan mau ketemuan ama cowok gak lengkap macem Mark ituh. kenapa ga lengkap?! soalnya dia ngaku-nya laki2 tapi ga act like one! pasti karena dia ga punya D*** jadi ga ngerasa harus bersikap ksatria.. ;) cowok ga komplit macem dia sih, ga usah dipikir...
    mendingaaannn... cari cowok baru yang ada disekitar kamuuu =D ..kqkqkq, klo pemandangan masih suram, jangan dipaksakan, neng! hehehe.. CHAYOOO!!!

  9. I believe in love, in cyber world.