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The oh-so-many street lights in the centre of Surabaya.

The logo of Good Boy (Natural Treats Company) is finally done. Whew.. I'm glad. So the only ongoing project (besides the "office" work) is my personal website. It's going to consume most of my weekend free time, so better be ready for more "Busy" status on my YM (though it's not very much likely REAAAALLLY busy). Anyway.. I'm happy. I accomplished pretty good things lately and I've been supported mentally by the people I love. I feel beautiful and LIFE is just so beautiful. It's so nice to see the world positively like this.

The Excelso promotion offer is valid until September. Thus we didn't waste any chance of drinking many many cups of coffee or tea at the cafe. Not last weekend.

I called Jun, a very good friend of mine at Widya Mandala University, a few days before for this chit-chat and coffee outing. I told her I was taking Rina with me, and she said OK.
On the day, as usual I had to attend my Dutch class and I finished before noon. I checked emails and chatted for a while at CDU, Shierly's office -- and formerly my office. I told her I was going to meet Jun at the mall and she wanted to join us. Cool. Both of these good friends, Shierly and Jun, have not met each other since Jun was back from Canada. Jun didn't contact so many old friends about her arrival, for some complicated reasons, just like her complicated self. And Shierly is going to go to Japan in less than 3 weeks, to learn to cook from her mother-in-law, almost directly after her wedding reception on the 2nd of September this year. I thought it was a great idea (though kinda flawful remembering these 2 girls' past history) to bring them together, cause they won't have that much chance to talk in the wedding, as Shierly would surely be busy with her 200++ guests.

So.. each of us ordered some food and lots of drinks, after being shocked by Jun's coming with her HUSBAND, Erfan. Uhh.. Okay, I wasn't too shocked. I knew they had been going out together for some time and I knew they planned to get married around July, but I didn't know the exact date, nor was I told about the positivity of their marriage plan. I was asked to keep it a secret and I did.. until Shierly saw that Jun and Erfan were wearing a ring, which she thought at first was an engagement ring. The news was spread out quickly, of course, for this very morning I've already heard from Valens and Veve asking about it. Hohoho..

Well, though in the beginning I felt that the chat was quite awkward, we finally got our old "click" as soon as Erfan left us for this girls hangout and began to chat and catch up the newest news and gossips of our uni friends. We made jokes of others' mistakes and shared those various funny and weird cultures of our husbands or ex boyfriends of other countries. Jun and Shierly happened to have similar experiences with Japanese men and it was sooo fun to talk it out. Rina and I shared our parts, too, since we also date(d) foreign guys. The topic moved to sex, which was as nice or even more exciting, to talk about. Then to the bachelor party for Shierly, and perhaps for Jun, too, though it's a little late. We were discussing which guy should strip for us (WHOOHOO that would be reaaalllly amazing to do). Some old friends' names were mentioned.. such as Valens, Musa etc. But we decided (in our "what if" imagination) that we shouldn't use them, risking that they wouldn't strip at all for us. Hahaha..

In short, it was incredibly nice. I loved every minute of our talk. We had a bloated stomach, as usual, after drinking cups of coffee at Excelso. So after a visit to the toilet, we went around Sogo to browse for some cool dress for Shierly's wedding. It was fun, if not frustrating.. since I'm really really short in cash these past few months. I fell in love with a sexy knitted top at the same time Rina walked towards it. She had the same opinion about it and decided to buy it right away. Wavingly she said, "Well you can also have the same one, but in different colour, please." Oh yeah, right... The last time we bought the same type of top, though in different colour, people are always commenting that we were sisters. So I put it down and browsed some more.

In the end I finally didn't make up my mind in any dress. I need to do my shopping in a less crowded day. Saturday and Sunday do certainly not qualify as the best shopping days!
Jun hasn't found one for her, either. So we might set up another meeting for it.

It was fantastic, nonetheless. Especially that the weekend was closed with a great time spent on the internet the next morning. I might get freaked out to see my phone bill in the end of the month, but I wouldn't do anything to change it.

Have a fine day. :)


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