Catching Up..

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I've not been in the mood of blogging lately. There are just too many things to do (besides annoying my friends, LOL), which is a good fact.

But in short:
  • I've been a weekly visitor of Excelso (couldn't resist the temptation when my friends are so persuasive about chilling out there..)
  • I was in a deep financial trouble, which made me decide to cancel my deposit at Niaga Bank so I can get some money to survive this month.
  • I've been to busy sleeping. I don't know, but I feel like sleeping all the time and not wake up. It might be a sign of a frustration, but I don't think I am frustrated. I think it might have something to do with my metabolism or mind.. Dunno.. Probably gotta check that to a doctor.
  • I've been stressed out everytime I see photos of other people, or read reviews of some sort of cameras. My life is absolutely meaningless without it, and I could end up crying or getting angry cause of my disability in buying one. Been checking out a Canon PSA-95, and am really considering in taking it when my deposit is finally cleared.
  • I have no progress with my personal website (the design has already been completed and the .htm file has been half created). But there's a point that I can't just continue it. It's so fuckin' hard to be a moody person, huh?
  • Rina has mentioned about going clubbing lately. Gosh.. how it seemed to be a long time ago since we did it the last time. I do want clubbing.. but again.. money matter. Just maybe, when I get my money back from the bank, I can go and have fun at Desperados again? Hmm..
Oh well.. just some negative rants.. I don't feel so lacking in real, though. I'm very happy, and hey, I'm getting twenty-six this week! Yoohooo... Have you prepared anything for me? A present? A party? :D


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