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Mood: Excited
Project done: designing entertainrings.com (until today, hasn't been fully viewed yet, as the other department still makes some adjustment to the layout, but my part is done. Check again in a week)
Ongoing project: A logo of Good Boy, personal website of myself (version 3)
Reading: The Single White Male
Learning: Adobe Illustrator

Yippeeeeee!!! I'm sooo excited. Got a new toy: Adobe Illustrator!

I know.. I'm a bit left behind. But I was more into messing photos and renders on Photoshop than drawing. I used to like to sketch on a piece of paper than doing it on the computer. But lately, I'm quite inspired by Sharif, a creative friend of mine, who told me he learnt Illustrator by himself. Just like I learnt making design and website layout by myself with the help of some books and online tutorials.

I've always wanted to start it since last year, but I kept postponing it until 2 weeks ago. I had Adobe Illustrator CS installed in my office computer (I want to install it in my home computer, but these days I've been pretty busy with other things at home so I won't be able to really use it at home anyway) and I've started to make some graphics for the wallpapers I should make for Excellogix. My bosses raised our target to 200 wallpapers a month, note: Iyem and I can lower the quality of them in order to meet the stressing target.. so there.. I need a practical way to make fast and a lot of wallpapers in a short time. *sigh* This preassure has apparently done good for my motivation to learn Illustrator. Iyem is a Macromedia Freehand expert. I'm not very accustomed with Macromedia's tools, so that's why I chose Illustrator, and not Freehand.

In short, as I've been babbling too much, I feel alive again. I'm haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppyyyyyy!

Weekend plans:
Saturday: Dutch course in the morning, lunch with Jus, Anton, Yendy, Bo and Vanie at TP.
Sunday: Private course (Ian), practise the song for the competition, design my personal website.

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  1. I already have Adobe Photoshop since I buy desktop PC 2 years ago. I buy "Look & Learn Photoshop" by Deke McClelland's. I have hundreds of photo taken from my digital camera and planned to did some excercise with it.

    But, unfortunatelly .... at least ... I guess I don't have a tallent, so I stop working, and I busy with other activities anyway.

    After our meeting (why meeting ?) lol ... I search for excellogic and find nothing. Now I know it's logix not logic. Well, It's better to put it as a link in your sidebar, sekalian promosi kan ... gitu loh ...

    I enter entertainrings.com and found my favourites band there, ironmaiden. The layout is nice.
    OK, keep working Carl. I hope we can met again sometimes in September ...