Do You Love America?

One of the things that triggers a War... *sigh*

Pompous Republican Rant, posted by Piotr. This guy found this article in his school newspaper. He was pretty pissed with what was written below, for he's quite a multicultural person himself, a Poland who lived in Indonesia his whole life, before moving to the States to pursue a degree there.

America is 'the best country in the world'

Now I know this next statement will offend most of you - I tend to have the amazing ability to do that - so feel free to e-mail me for a hug and a box of tissues or just general emotional support after you read this.

America is the greatest country the world has ever seen.

I love America, and contrary to popular belief, most people around the world love America too. Oh wait - they just love the money we dole out to them in economic aid. Now I remember.

America is the most giving country in the world. Though I was once taught that we do not give out as much per capita as some countries - I still fail to see how that matters - we give out the most money to struggling and developing countries, even the ones that hate us. How much does Iran give in aid (other than money aimed to assist in killing Americans and Israelis)?

We love our rights and freedoms so much that we think everyone in the world deserves them. It is not ethnocentric to think that people should be able to have a say in their government and how it is run. Americans are not forcing our culture down people's throats when we request that countries such as China put a greater emphasis on human rihts.

Spreading democracy around the world is an incredibly admirable thing because no one wants to live in a poverty-ridden, dictator-driven state. Plus, democracies do not fight one another so all you peace signing, tie-dyed wearing indiviudals should be thrilled with the prevention of war in the future.

We have around 11 million illegal aliens in the United States right now. People are dying to come across our borders, both legally and illegally. I wonder how many illegal aliens are in "worker's paradise" of Cuba or even North Korea, but I would conservatively estimate that number to be about zero.

In the words of Ann Coulter, "If we're so cruel to minorities, why do they keep coming here? Why aren't they sneaking across the Mexican border to make their way to the Taliban?"

Look at how many students from around the world come to America for higher education: Obviously we are doingn something right. Some of the greatest minds come here to advance themselves and take the knowledge they learn back to their countries to make them better. Students leave with a greater respect for America and our values than they might have had if they simply let the biases of some of their fellow countrymen and women influence them.

We are one of the few countries in the world left still willing to live up to the principles we were founded on, and, yes, they were Judeo-Christian values.

If you hate the incorporation of G-d in the Pledge of Allegiance and the phrase "In G-d we trust," you can move somewhere else. Freedom and equality are promoted without our economy and employment rate unduly suffering.

Sure America has some problems, but I honestly cannot think of another place in the world I would rather live. I like knowing that if I need surgery sometime I am not going to have to deal with all the messes that socialized health care entails, I guess that is one way to deal with overpopulation. I can practice or not practice religion as I deem fit, unless, of course, the ACLU continues on its anti-Christianity craze.

Most importantly, America is the best country in the world because once again we have a president who is willing to make tough choices to protect us and all America stands for: If you mess with us, we will mess you up.

I am proud to be an American. Are you?


I hate politics. Yet, that may not be true. Proven by so many times political things like this draws my deep attention, plays with my emotions, and in the end I always end up thinking: "These stupid people. It will never end, will it?"

Go on screwing and offensing other people's unique traditions and values and this world will never be in peace. Why do such things always emerge among us? Why can't we just be proud of ourselves and our country WITHOUT hurting the other people's feelings? Can't you differ a nationalist and a chauvinist?

Ms. Mayberry, the writer of the article above must be a pretty intelligent university student.. you can see it in the way she wrote it cleverly. Too bad the brain is not really supported with a good heart, which in this case and in most of worldly cases, is the most important.

Persuading your people to love your country is good, but how you do it is also essential. Will it make your readers, who could be just anyone in the world, love your country more, or will it make them look down on you and pity you for your narrow-mindedness? Do you mean being nationalist to create a good unity among the people in the same country or even another dispute which can lead to another war, another hatred and another gazillion victims???

Think first of the aftereffects of your words may cause, my friends. Or maybe that's what you enjoy the most? Maybe your life is so lame and boring that you feel you need to spicen it up with another nasty arguments that can result to chaos?



Read Piotr's response on the above article that he sent to his campus' newspaper here.
I can add a thousand more reasons to back him up, but I'm so tired to be involved in this never-ending case. I see so many examples here in Indonesia myself (oh yes, chauvinists are everywhere), so I won't start being a hypocrite to defend my country, as well as the other "poor" countries on earth.



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