Productive Weekend

Watching: Extravaganza (The best Indonesian TV-show, you must agree with me!)
Playing: The Settlers IV

I'm at home! This is the first Saturday that I could spend most of my time at home, after a while.

Whew... I should say I quite enjoyed it. There had been so many things to do lately. Photo hunting, ears-lending for my bestfriend's marriage problem, film shooting (oh yeah, my daily life was documented by The Netherlands embassy last week. It was quite a chaos cause of my lacking Dutch-speaking ability; but it's over now, thank God!).

SO, I spent my morning working on some wallpapers of Tori Amos. Urghhh.. Yeah, I know... Doesn't sound like an ideal free relaxing Saturday. But I have not been quite productive at work lately. Not sure why, but I'm really de-motivated to create wallpapers. It was not as fun as it used to be. I guess it's people's general problem to naturally be sick of things called "responsibility", or I'll just say it's my own specific problem. Whatever..

However, this morning was quite different. I really really ENJOYED making my wallpapers. Missed the old feeling of being creative in graphics, but I'm glad. It was quite a miracle.. cause I could make 5 wallpapers in an hour, while at work, I'm already thankful and proud of myself when I manage to make 5 in 4 hours. :P

My mood was going up and down this afternoon, though. At one point I was extremely happy, but not long after I got really pissed. PMS, I think, and special circumstances annoyed me a bit at that time. Now, 4 hours later, I'm calming down and I'm starting to regret my lousy impulsive act. *sob* A bit typical me. I should put it in my "self-improvement" list later.

I dressed Michelle in one of her party dress and took her to the terrace of my house. I decided to spend my afternoon taking her pictures. I formerly thought of doing some self shots, but I realised that it would take much longer time since I'd need to dress up (or not) and put some make up on my face. So Michelle as a model sounded like a better and more practical idea.
I brought along my black paper and stuck it on the wall with a cellulotive tape. While underneath I placed a big cushion for Michelle to sit on.

It's been a while since I took her last pictures, so she was EXTREMELY happy when I showed her my camera. She made funny faces everytime I half-pressed the shutter button and what incredible expressive photos I've made of her!!! They're not so many. You know how hard it is to deal with children. They'd keep moving and it would ruin your photos. But I wasvery satisfied. I'm usually always satisfied in taking Michelle's pics. She likes to pose, like her mother. :P From those few photos, I like about 70% of them.
A few days ago I was thinking to make a backup database for Michelle's pictures. There are probably already thousands photos now and considering my clumsiness, I made another account specially for Michelle, on DeviantArt to save the photos online. The account ID is aipics. Check it out and find new photos of Michelle everyday. ;)

I just updated my website. I mostly added pics on the Models section, but there are also some on the Miscelleanous part.

Now I'm going to work on my other domains. ;)
Plan for tomorrow: Photo shooting Iyem, Rina and Dewi at the House of Sampoerna. YAY. I'm soooo lucky to be surrounded by friends who like posing. (hehehe)

And yes, it's a productive weekend.


  1. uh..
    i prefer sleep on weekend..
    since i have a regular workday ;)

  2. shooting??? waaaw! kayak apa? what kind of documentation?

  3. snydez: yeah, me too. and I usually sleep on Saturdays till noon, but I was somewhat creative at that time... that's why I blogged it. If it was my regular lazy Saturdays, I wouldn't say anything. :D Thanks for commenting.

    yenny: hmm.. it was like a documentation of the daily activities of some singing finalists at De Week van het Nederlands a few months ago. But not all were documented, I learnt. Only me and another girl in Semarang (the first winner), Lia. They shot Veve, too, by the way. And the other "upstairs" people at Alto. Oh but the fun thing was when they shot me taking a bemo. I felt like going in one of the "Rejeki Nomplok" series that I had to spend 10 Millions in 30 minutes.
    Damn I wish! LOL.