I was just fired 10 minutes ago. Just like some other 15 workmates.

The company is falling down, and they cannot afford paying us any longer.

I'm okay actually.. pretty happy cause I'm getting some good amount of money at a time, but dammit, if I knew this I wouldn't let go my school teaching job last July!

I'll be fine, though..

But I'm not gonna be blogging or online for quite a while.

For those who stay in this office, I love you all, guys.


  1. dunno what to say...
    well, at least you get 3 times salary...
    (trying to think positive).

    good luck, friend. u'll survive kok. I'm sure of it ;)

  2. Ouch.

    Right before the holiday too.


    You're strong and will get thru it. Maybe something better will come up.

    Merry Christmas (it is still three days away)


  3. Lalalalala,
    U'll be fine. enjoy ur travelling, enjoy ur days... keep being positif ^_____*

    love u always :-*

  4. Our bosses surely gave a pleasant surprise for our Christmas present la :) Anyway, let's look at the bright side *wink*

  5. so sorry hearing that..

    tapi enaknya, bisa mengatur waktu lebih lowong ;)

  6. Well that really sucks! Good luck finding a new job :)

  7. You know the old saying "fallen from a must climb right onto the horse and ride on..."

    New year shall bring new hopes and beginnings.

  8. sorry to hear that la, :(
    anyhow, keep holding on, you'll be allright :)

    prettige kerstdagen en gelukkig nieuw jaar

    seize the day with brand new energy :)

  9. hoi...
    baru isa kasi comment nih...stl failed bolak balik

    gud luck & take care, dear friend.

    kangen ndadah-i kamu la...hehehe

    dah laaa

  10. Hai Carla,

    Tetap semangat ya ...
    Keep Hunting ...
    Good Luck ...