His Trauma

Last Sunday... at my house.

Jun: I went to Musa's wedding with Jubhek and his friend last night.
Me: Yeah? How was it going?
Jun: Great. I think we knocked them out (the bride and the groom). *giggle*
Me: How?
Jun: I stuck around with Jubhek the whole session and I think Musa saw us. When we came to the stage to give them a handshake, Musa didn't even want to look at Jubhek's face. He was obviously jealous, eh?
Me: What are you talking about? Musa knows Jubhek.
Jun: Yeah, but I told you Jubhek changed so much. He's soooooo handsome, Carla. I was shocked myself when I first saw him again after 5 years. Musa didn't realise it was him, our old friend. He thought he was my "boyfriend". *wink*
Me: Hehe.. That's cool. Looked like your plan worked.
Jun: Yep. I'm calmer now. But guess what?
Me: What?
Jun: Jubhek accidentaly said that he hadn't had any girlfriend for 7 years.
Me: Oh?
Jun: Yeah.
Me: Ok...
Jun: ...
Me: ...
Jun: ...
7 years?!?! That means I was his last girlfriend?!?!
Jun: That's it.
Me: Shit.
Jun: Yeah..


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