In Her Own World

As a child, I used to be so much absorbed in my own fantasy sci-fi world. Most of the plots would make me a female hero that saved the earth, or people that I loved. Though in the end I usually died. :P

This kid reminded me about it. It was in a traditional market in the mountainous Guci, Central Java, Indonesia. And she was sitting on the ground next to a banana stall. It looked like she was left alone by her merchant mother who was busy selling bananas to her customers. Playing with the banana leaves wasted on the ground, she might be plotting a story in her mind while mumbling unclearly. Once in a while she would run and drag the leaf around and laugh by herself.

It looked fun. And I knew that it WAS fun.

Too bad that being an adult now, I can't really get deep in my mind and make up my own stories and dramas with me being all the main characters. Doing it may risk me being put in some mental hospital. :P


  1. Imagination is the most precious gift from heaven (or hell) that we have, and it takes courage or wtf attitude to share it with others in whatever forms that we are comfortable with... Whether we are sane or insane, depends on who our neighbours are... :)

  2. Hahahahaha!! ada2 ae!
    iya smua anak2 sama ya! Playing in heroism world :p