MUI Said No to Gay Meeting in Palembang

Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI)1 - Indonesian Ulema Council - rejected the gay meeting supposedly to be held in Palembang, South Sumatra, Sunday, 1 March 2009.

The council, which consists of hundreds Muslim scholars with vast knowledge of Islamic laws, argues that it is haram2 to hold such meeting as the Koran states in its Al-Araf letter, article 80-84, that any homosexual relationship is not allowed in Islam.

The head of MUI South Sumatra, KHM Sodikun, told reporters that MUI South Sumatra would ask the authority to pull out the permit of this meeting.

"This is haram, haram and really haram. We urge the city council of Palembang not to let this haram culture stain the city!" Sodikun said.

"We never admit, and will never admit, homosexual relationships in any way. Especially not in the religious-to-be city of Palembang," he continued.

Sodikun also stated the readiness of the ulemas and clerics in South Sumatra to guide any homosexuals - either gays or lesbians - to repent and come back on the right path.

It is unclear up to now if the meeting was finally held or not.


  1. MUI is trusted by the majority of Indonesian Muslims as representing God in determining what is good and what is bad for Muslims. They also issued fatwa/edict, which devoted Indonesian Muslims should follow. But one may argue that the edicts MUI issues are not binding.
  2. Haram = (Islam) forbidden, proscribed
Source: Kompas.


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  2. opo'o diapus, lens? wedhi ta ambek wong2 MUI?

  3. lesbi? hummm...di Hongkong banyak TKW yang lesbi juga. Lesbi kini bukan hanya karena pengaruh jelek dari pergaulan yang salah namun juga sebagai taulah... Rie sendiri berpegan pada kodrat, walaupun memang banyak berkawan dengan anak-anak lesbi, sekedar sebagai pengetahuan dan Rie rasa ga ada salahnya berteman dengan siapapun, hehehe...pengin menuliskannya tapi masih malu mengungkapkannya...