Website Layout Plagiarism or More?

I found a very interesting thing today. To me at least.

I used to monitor quite regularly so I am very familiar with its website layout and individual article page design. Take a look at this picture below.

And then I was recently asked to monitor local newspapers in Aceh concerning the closure of the tsunami reconstruction and rehabilitation body (BRR). I normally check Serambi. But it seems that there has been a website restructuring there since most of the old articles are missing. So i figured I had to find other sources.

One of the news websites that I found was Harian Aceh (Aceh Daily). To my surprise, it has at least 95% similarity with Luwaran website. Please see here.

The only difference, which is not too significant, is the colour of the lines and the logo.

You may be about to tell me why it is so important as to get posted in the blog. Plagiarisms are everywhere. Some bother to fuss, some simply don't care. Well, I'll tell you why.

Luwaran website belongs to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in the Philippines. It is the largest Muslim rebel group in the country that has been trying to fight for an expanded Muslim administered autonomous area of what they believe to be their ancestor land since 1977. This disputed area lies in the southern part of the predominantly Catholic Philippines. Both the government of the Philippines and the MILF have tried to get a shared agreement in numerous peace talks, but it came to no result until now. So in the meantime, bombing and extrajudicial killing still happen every now and then between the Philippines armed forces and the MILF guerrillas.

On the other hand, Aceh, which is located at the northern tip of Sumatra island, Indonesia, was once a troubled region, too. If the tsunami did not happen on 26 December 2004, the people might have not been brought together in the same vulnerable, devastating state and feeling, and the peace pact between the government of Indonesia and the Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM) - Independent Aceh Movement - rebel group, might not have been signed in Helsinki on 15 August 2005, after 29 years of war.

I hate to pitch and connect these two organizations together just based on their uncanny similar websites, especially that now Aceh strives to claim that peace has prevailed in their region. But their much alike background is too big of a coincidence to just let it go and have it left unthought. Could there be any unusual surprising links between the MILF and the former GAM? As far as my limited knowledge is concerned, they do(did) have the sort of same vision. Both want(ed) their own independent Muslim autonomy. Both have gone through nasty civil war for tens of years. Could there be anything at all there?

I do hope it is just a shallow observation from my side. I do hope that it is a mere plagiarism case on the side of Harian Aceh since the Luwaran website has clearly stated that it was designed by the Bangsamoro web (which is themselves). There is no statement or anything that can be found in Harian Aceh website of who the designer of the website was. Nor there is an acknowledgment that they actually took the layout from somewhere else.

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  1. Anonymous12:44 am

    Uhm.. ada 2 orang desainer web.. salah satunya "meniru" web temannya.

    Mirip tapi nggak.. nggak tapi mirip..

    *kasus :p~~*