Grateful that I Blog Again

Day 34 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful that Eva reminded me to blog again."

Okay, I got carried away with life and neglected my blog. Three months of blogging absence is enough for me to lose my readers (not that I have that many). However, I'm grateful that Eva, one of the best cooks in Bali whose food blog and photography are so amazing it makes you drool even without tasting the real food, reminded me to continue my 365 grateful days project. Thanks, Eva!

I actually did think of my blog from time to time. But every time I opened Blogger's New Post page, I was always so confused where to begin since the last post was on 19 June and so many things have happened since then. Only today I decided to continue with the 34th day of 365 grateful days project and record whatever I can pick up from my very selective memory in the past 3 months. The easiest way is just to go through the photos I've made since 19 June, and if there were any highlights in my life during my blogging absence, they must have been recorded there. 

So I welcome myself back in the blogging world. ;) See you soon!


  1. You are welcome Carla, it is great that you blog again! Yay!

  2. Blogger should have "like" for comments. :)