Grateful that Michelle's Summer Visit was an Awesome One

Day 35 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful that Michelle's Summer Visit was an Awesome One."

She spent most of the time with me since her mother, Ita, had to work at the day time and if she stayed with her, she'd have to go to her office every day. So I took her to the beach, let her play Wii while I was working and went shopping with her. 

I actually wished Ita would have spent her evenings at my place so that she could spend more time with her child instead of only weekends (also a break for me for babysitting the whole day). But she said that my place was too far from hers. That was not completely wrong, but what is 30 minutes ride every day for Michelle when she sees her only a couple of times a year? Some things you just don't understand. 

However, I didn't mind babysitting such a sweet kid like her. She's really far from being difficult. I heard (and saw) stories where children were so difficult and looking as if they had no manners at home or in public. But Michelle is nothing like that. Yes, she did demand quite intense attention but she wouldn't force her way to it. She'd be happy just to have someone to watch her play Wii; she'd be happy to "help" me in the kitchen breaking the eggs or washing veggies; and she'd be still happy when I didn't feel like cooking and just fed her instant noodle with poached egg. She is a grateful little girl who doesn't have too high expectation - something I am still constantly learning until now. The great thing about that? Well, you get surprises every day. No expectation, no disappointment, more surprises. Sounds good to me. 

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  1. I have to agree that sometimes we can't understand why parents care about other things more than they do about their own kids. Being a mom of an 18 month-old baby boy really opens my eyes of how big the responsibility of a mother is. It's such a lot of work. It's indeed tiring, but I'd rather be tired than lose the bond that I need to build with my son.