Clean Back Garden

Okay it is not really a garden. More like a space to hang laundry that has never been used forever.

With the AC dispensing water every night, this small space actually grows more plants during the dry season than my again-not-really main garden in front. We have had problem with the air conditioner upstairs mainly because of the climbing plants reached the AC engine.

There is this teenage boy who doesn't speak much and very shy. He is the son of my masseuse. Iluh, my masseuse, told me if I had a garden job for his son to do, he'd be happy to make extra money from it. I hired him once to move the pots from the top of my gate wall. Now I hired him to clean up this space.

I felt happy with the clean solution; something I will never find myself have time to do, or would be willing to do. He felt happy for the extra pocket money. Iluh told me he also gives some to his younger brother and sister from what he earns.

There is nothing better than giving opportunity for a young person to get a taste of having a job and his own money for the first time. I remember how happy I was to get money other than from the allowance money my parents gave me when I was young.

He is a good boy and he will succeed if he keeps up being hardworking.