It rains!!!

It finally started raining after quite a long drought. I think I could hear my plants dance joyfully as I often didn't water them enough. I generally love sun and brightness. But yesterday's rain really soothed me.

If only I didn't have this excruciating side and back pain!

I don't remember I have ever felt this sort of pain before. Not sure if it was from too much dancing as it first appeared when I was riding my scooter. Could be from wrong sleeping position or something. I tried to put counterpain creme, had a massage, applying heating bandage I got from Fumi, etc. Every morning I felt better but by midday it killed me again. Today is the third day, so I am going to see if it comes back at noon and I'll definitely go to a doctor to consult if it does.

For now, I will just enjoy the grey sky, the muddy smell of the rain, sip my lemon tea, while working on some marketing for the villa I manage.



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