Side and Back Pain

I am rarely sick. But when I do get sick, it's usually the bad kind of sickness.

I have been feeling pain on my side and my back in the past 4 days. I tried to give it time for my body to heal itself before I let chemicals in. This time it got even worse.

I didn't recognise this type of pain. It is not the menstrual pain, not the overtiredness pain, earlier on I thought it was muscle pain due to too much dancing but counterpain didn't fix it this time. In the last 2 nights my stomach started hurting too. It was almost unbearable that I had to order Uber last night to go to BIMC hospital.

The doctor thought it could be kidney stone. I've got to have few tests to make sure of that. My urine test came out negative so he told me to do the ultra sound test this afternoon.

I feel so tired and drained. I hope it is nothing serious and can be fixed with oral medication only....


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