Non Stop Belly Dancing

Last week has been a non-stop belly dancing week. As soon as I came back from Jakarta for Miss Belly Dance Indonesia on Monday, Hadi held his first class after abstaining for 2 months while he was in Holland, so of course I had to go. Then Wednesday I also had his class PLUS a private class with Hilde Canoodt, a super lovely bellydancer based in London. I died that day. Thursday was another class with Hilde, and Friday and Saturday I had to perform at The Breezes Resort and Shisha Cafe back to back.

Vincent's comment: "So are you gonna be bellydancing every day now?"

It was just the special week where everybody was available in Bali that I had to take my opportunity in learning more about belly dance while I could. I am happy that this week it will be slower though. Hadi is gone to Bandung for a week and Hilde had left Bali.

Now to motivate myself to practise at home. ;-)

I am enjoying the down time. Need to focus on work and family more this week. Maybe bake the cheesecake Vincent has been requesting and take more photos.


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