Failed Sacher Totre

It's Vei's birthday today. Like some other Indonesian girls, she's requested her birthday present a month in advance. It was when I brought a chocolate cake for my workmates. She wanted the same thing for her birthday. I agreed, since I'm a sucker in choosing presents for people.

Joyfully she reminded me last night, that I promised to bake her some cake. But at that time she changed her request to chocolate bolu, instead. I said no and I'd stick to the chocolate cake.

I was considering to bake the cake early this morning or last night. But as soon as Denni took me home, I collapsed in my bed, exhaustedly. And in the morning I woke up early as usual, even earlier cause I planned to bake, but found my mother using the kitchen to prepare our breakfast. I sighed and thought, "Ok, I'll do it later after school. I'll go home, instead of going to my website office directly, and prepare the cake."

I arrived home at ten, decided which cake I was going to make, brought my precious cookbook to the minimarket and shopped. I was back a half hour later and started baking. It was a more special cake I was making. Sarcher Totre. A chocolate cake with some hagelslag filling, covered by chocolate and I planned to write something on top of it with white cooking chocolate. While mixing the butter and sugar, I'd already imagine Nyoh took the picture of the cake with her camera and me and Vei were posing with it.

It took a bit long to do the whole thing but finally I got done with it at half to twelve. The baking time is 35 minutes so I'd certainly be late to work if I had to decorate the top. But it was what I wanted and that was I would do.
Singing, I put it in the oven and left it while I prepared myself for work (shower etc).

Thirty five minutes later I was dressed and ready to take the cake out of the oven. It was so hot! And remembering my bad bad past experiences with heat, hot oil, boiled water etc in the kitchen, I was freaking out. Tante Ana offered to get the cake out and I gladly accepted it.

It smelled soooo good when the oven's door opened. Tante Ana used two thin napkins to hold the tin when my mother suggested her to use the cooking gloves, instead. She refused and said she could handle it. Apparently the napkins were not enough and the oven was too hot. She let go the tin when it only reached the opened oven's cap, thinking it was strong enough to hold the cake tin for a while. But of course it couldn't. Before you finished counting to five the tin fell down, followed by the traditional oven. The cake was jumbled out, ruined and joined my filthy untiled dark kitchen floor while Tante Ana jumped backward to avoid the oven falling onto her feet.

I was stunned eternally. Didn't believe what I saw.

My hard work.
My unfulfilled promise to Veve.
What should I tell her?
My hard work.

Forced to be back to reality, I sighed heavily and mumbled, "Ok. There's nothing can be done about it."

Hurrying, I ordered a becak and rushed to the office.
So.. yeah... Vei.. if you read it, forgive me. :( I tried and I failed. It was an accident, I SWEAR!

And happy birthday. *hug*

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  1. *crying hard*
    huaaaaaa.......kue-ku, kue-ku hiks hiks....tante anaaaaaa......hiks hiks....i'll wait la :p