Lombok, I'm Coming...

Dearest Admirers,

I'm going to Lombok island for nine days - 20 May to 28 May, so I will not be active for a while. So will my cellphone, for it's a CDMA phone. I exchanged phones with my bro's girlfriend and will be using my GSM number for the time being. If it's urgent and you really need to get in touch with me, you can ask my number to Vei. Thank you in advance, Pei Pei. Hihihihi...

So, see you around in two weeks or so.



  1. Have a nice holiday ya :)

    PS: I'll bill you later for the service (^-*)v

  2. Selamat berlibur Carla...
    Sampe ketemu 2 minggu lagi. Dengan Shierly yang berbeda hihihi