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Saturday, 21 August 2004

Finally, leisure time! I planned to sleep a lot on that day but I woke up at 4 instead. Grr.. I didn't really mind, though, since I got the chance to poop easily (normally I don't). I couldn't sleep again so I just played Hotel Giant. I made a new hotel called Karimun, and it is pretty successful. :)

11:00 I had a date with Nyo and Pyor to browse for digicams at about 14:30, so I thought taking a nap for an hour or two would refresh me a bit from waking up too early on my day off.

An hour or two became 3 hours. And I was already pretty late for our meeting, except that I took a taxi; but I chose not to. I felt pretty poor lately and tried to be wiser on the money issue. So I skipped the shopping rendesvouz and promised to come for swimming at 17:00. I did come, though late, to find that the water was freezing cold at the swimming pool and the hard wind made it worse! I didn't dare to come back into the water after my first try, but when everyone was heading back for swimming, I became more rational. I already paid Rp 17,500 so I'd better do something to make it worth.

The water was not very cold at the shallow part. Nyo was trying to teach me again to swim. "The water is salty", she said, "so it should give you the confidence that you were not going to get drown." True, but I just got so many excuses to avoid it. I tried to convince myself: if I could swim in the sea of Karimun Jawa, why couldn't I do that then?

Nyo's old swimming tutor took over to teach me the basic conditions of swimming. Because he is a complete stranger to me, I didn't complain as much as I did to Nyo. Hehe.. Miracle happened, though. I made a big progress by getting myself the right way of moving my legs and I learned the rythm of breathing. Another male swimming tutor started to teach me in a few moments later. Though what he taught was kinda similar to Nyo's tutor, there was one different theory he was teaching me, which made me confused. I felt a bit uneasy cause I felt that these people were taking advantage of touching my body. :P I tried to forgive it, though, since I also took the advantage of learning to swim freely.

Another swimming gathering with workmates at Atlas

Sunday, 22 August 2004

I woke up early again. Shit.

I should teach Ian that day, at 15:00 and later in the evening I've got a movie-outing with Denni and Rina. So again, I played a game, thought that I should sleep for a little while and woke up late again!!! Man. I called Ian, changed the lesson hour to 16:00 and told Denni and Rina that I couldn't be at the theater at 6, so regretfully I cancelled our meeting. I promised my mother, though, to take her to watch The Village on Tuesday. She is very fond of horror movies.

Ian was very good at our debate about Rap is an Art. I was very happy that he did it well. It was just the matter of the perfect topic; considering that he is a big fan of Eminem and hip hop music.

After teaching, I went to TP to see Rina. I took bemo and bus that drove me to another (wrong) direction. I was pretty annoyed since I already asked the kondektur if it went to TP and he said yes. It did not! I hopped out on Jalan Diponegoro and had to take a becak to the other side of the street. Ppppffff.. Well I was waiting for my bemo to TP when I saw these cars were parking at Apotek Kimia Farma Darmo, but not visiting the drugstore itself. Instead they were sitting in front of the building eating bakso. It should be very delicious, I thought. So I decided to also sit there and ordered a portion of bakso. It WAS nice. :))

The hangout with Rina was nice. We went to Gramedia and bought some reading materials; me disney comics (sale sale sale). We talked a lot, gossipped a lot.. Just perfect!

I went home and prepared for a bed when I felt the need to call ME. He was on the train that was about to pass the tunnel that our connection had to break off. He called me back a few minutes after and we chatted about his mother's birthday and how he wanted to tease her by giving her an uitje (uit-je = outing), but instead he was bringing an uitje (ui-tje = onion). Hehehe. He's still as crazy as ever. :D

I had a nice sleep.

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