Quarter Century Worries

There's a whispering wind, I feel it inside
Like a place I can feel but never will see
Let a whisper come touch you, come touch every thing
I stand in the way of the things I can be
[Maby - Whispering]
Last weekend was fun. Saturday I slept the whole day, just.. till Rina called for 2 hours in the afternoon. I went to her house then, watched some series of kung-fu movies she rented, slept over and went back almost noon the next day. I stayed only an hour to clean myself for then left home for a karaoke time with website workmates. The event was fun and singing did relieve some of my stressful thoughts.
In the mean time, I was thinking. I questioned many principal things about life, reviewed my almost 25 years journey, analyzed what I have done so far and got scared off of the fact that I'm supposed to be more serious in things. I've felt that I need more privacy, one thing I can barely get at home. I've felt the need to absolutely perceive that my things really belong to me, and not other people. I've felt like being free. I felt like being loved. I felt like..
But I've my bound at home. My beloved mother.. brother.. Zwartje and Kabuki..
This morning I felt a bit fresher than these past 3 days (only a bit, huh). I decided to postpone my thinking fase, or say.. postpone getting the answers. Tried to relax on my free-teaching day. Rubbed masker on my face (after half a year?). Cleaned and sorted some of my small things. Played computer games. Read novels Rina lent me. Slept. Ate. Played with Kabuki.
I decided to take more care of myself. Spoil me more. Get me some vacation soon (not yet known where to go though). Just.. let me out of my riddles for a moment.
Yes, for a moment, please.


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