[Instrumentalia - Dzihan Kamien - Homebase]

I love Friday.. but also hate it. In one side Fridays always give a sort of relieved feeling that it's the end of the workdays of the week and tomorrow I can dream in my bed a bit longer. In another side, I'm always pretty stressed up with all the works load and mind burden that I may have not done good enough.

Well.. I just led a knowledge sharing [an activity that is done twice a month at my website office]. It was alright though I was not satisfied. I got the evening turn, that's why. There are not so many people working in the evening and there were like only 4 persons attending it, and only 2 of them are really practicing what I explain. It was about making a website layout with Adobe Photoshop. I really thanked Vanie, Jussie and Anton for paying attention on my tut. Love you guys.. Oh and also Alex, though he did it whilst working. I thought I would see some familiar expected faces in my tut, but....

Looks like my hard work came into nothing.. Yeah well.. whatever..

Who really cares? Who really cares when I talk? What I feel? What I say?
Nobody not really
Who wants to take the time to find a stand?
[Alicia Keys - Nobody Not Really]

In overall, this was not a very good week. On Wednesday I bumped my head to the wall (yes, accidently) at BCA, I broke 2 pairs of my high-heel shoes two days in a row, I had a kind of clash with my boss (first, and hopefully the last), a mess in my class cause 2 students threw up.. whatelse whatelse..

Well I'd better not remember those or I'll suffer in my weekend. The week was not super bad afterall, I've got Alicia Keys' newest CD from Nyo Nyo today so it should cover my disappointment.

No dinner tonight.


  1. Expecting a familiar face? Em, that sounds like me hehehehehehe (Denni's head is getting bigger and bigger as Harry waves his magic wand). Sorry mam, I did want to to attend your session, but RO seemed to be so attractive I skipped yours. Why didn't you call me?

  2. sorry i missed ur tutor, la. i was actually looking forward to it... but i had to decorated the place for my exhibition. i think everything that u had prepared and learnt are not wasted anyway. u'll get something useful out of it... for sure!;)