Weekend Summary

Saturday, 30 July 2004

Finally Saturday had come. I was lazying around till noon doing nothing. I was smsing with Rina after lunch and she wanted to go out with me that evening to TP. So I picked her up at 4:30 and went we there by bemo.

Jun was going to meet us at 5 but we seemed to be very late (it takes an hour to TP usually). At first we felt lucky that the bemo driver drove really fast like he was in a hurry. Until it turned at an intersection and cut all the way to the right when there was a bus coming from behind going to the left. Both were quite fast and they hit each other. I grabbed Rina's arm and we screamed a little for the bus is twice the size of our bemo and both did have a little crash on the sides. Instead of apologizing, the bemo driver was swearing to the bus driver and went away. Rina and I shook our heads said: "Crazy."

The rest of the evening was fun and fine. Jun introduced us to her highschool friend (whose name I've already forgotten hihi.. sorry girl, I'm not very good at names). We spent a couple of hours at Pizza Hut chatting and went to Sogo for some books browsing. Just before the plaza was closed, we went home feeling better for having some issues shared.

Sunday, 1 August 2004

I actually had a wedding invitation at WTC this evening but I just didn't feel like going. Eva, one of the English teachers at our place, was getting married and the thing IS I am never close to her and I can't even remember her face. Oh well.. I didn't go at last, since my mother has asked me (forced is the better word) to go to Giant Hypermarket to buy her a TV. Our old TV is finally broken and she asked me to lend her some money to buy it like 3 days before. In the meantime, everytime I went back from the office she always asked, "Where's my TV?"


She surely didn't think I spent the whole day having fun somewhere, did she? How could I go for a TV when I had to work my ass off for completing my work target?

Anyway, I got tired of hearing it so I did what she wanted. I told her to pick one and then rushed to my student's house, Ian, for a private teaching. My head was spinning coz of the crowds at the hypermarket and my eyes hurt really bad. I taught for 2 hours and bringing home some macaroni schotel of Ian's mother and some Dutch chocolate they brought me for oleh-oleh, I took bemo BM home when the sore in my eyes got worse and I hardly could focus. I slept all the way home and when I had to get off of it, I couldn't find any becak!!! Damn it. I walked then, trying to keep my steps steady till I got home safely. I didn't bother to take off my clothes and went directly to bed to close my eyes.

It was the second time I had this shitty sore eyes. I don't know why I got that and I don't dare to go to a doctor to check. :(

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  1. Woa, that must be a terrifying moment. Too bad I miss your scream. Yeah, unfortunetaly you were okay. I mean fortunately, tehehe.