Missing Things

Strange things happen.

Last Wednesday I went home with Denni as usual. I asked him to visit Niaga ATM for 5 minutes to do a transfer and a Rp 50,000 withdrawal. Arriving home, I slept and the day ended nicely.

I decided to take a day off on Thursday. My stomach and legs felt really weird due to the flows. So I stayed at home, played computer games and watched 2 Fast 2 Furious DVD the whole day.

This morning. Friday is a day when I have to bring some snack for our illegal coffee break at 15:00. I was planning to bake some cookies or cakes.. so I took my purse, craved for my one and only money of Rp 50,000, and found nothing. I checked again. Still nothing. Again. Nothing. OK, time to be annoying.

Using the best angry stern voice I could have, I was angry all over with everybody at home. I didn't go anywhere after I withdrew that money - which means I did NOT use it for paying ANYTHING, so WHERE THE HELL HAS IT GONE???

Of course no one knows.

Well this is not the first time, but I've been quiet too long to avoid unnecessary fights, but fuck! Couldn't whoever-took-it check and see that I had no more money but that Rp 50,000??? Only another single coin of Rp 500 stayed in my purse and it is worth nothing!

Rp 50,000 is not big but I got it by working. And these naughty hands should really be slapped and injured badly one day. I'm not gonna take the tuyul superstitious this time. Cause it was not. Maybe never was. I'm getting sicker living there.


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