Yay.. Weekend!

Ohh.. finally!!!! My long-expected weekend is coming! It's Friday already, Ladies and Gentlemen. Time for me to hibernate for a while and take a revenge of my stolen hours of sleep this week!

I was visiting Rina's grandmother's funeral on Wednesday when I came there after the office hours, which was at about 9:45, talking for an hour, and she was asking/suggesting me to stay the night instead of going home that late. I was doubting for a while.. since I had a class the next morning. She promised that her sister would take me home very early in the morning. 3 seconds thought, looking at her sad face for losing her grannie, which is not often showed, and I said OK.

Sleeping at your bestfriend's will cost you corrupted hours of sleep by your chit-chat for about.. 2 hours? 3? Hihi.. It was always fun and enjoyable, nevertheless, so I didn't regret it. Except that I could hardly open my eyes the next morning in the class. :P

Anyway! Cause of that and some other sleepless nights of this week, I decided to turn down my friends' invitation of clubbing at Sampoerna's House tonight. Instead I'll just relax and read comics/books or play The Sims or some other game, or just watch dvd or whatever fun-doing at home. Then sleeping the whole day on Saturday. Ouuwww.... would be so erg leuk!

I'll probably cook/bake something on Sunday. It's been a long time since I did it the last time. :P I'll tell you the result by Monday.. or let my friends decide how it tastes at the non-official coffee break time. :D

Au revoir!!!


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