Red Monkey

Got this from Veve... [she does really like finding out internet quizes. hihihi..]

I forgot what the link is. I'll probably edit this post later.. but here's my outcome.

You are Red Monkey, whose simple and natural personality is easily understood by those around you. [really?]
You can make others feel safe. [I don't know, you tell me]
You will take on any favor asked, and have a strong volunteer spirits. [Umm.. not really. I'm very selfish at times.]
Even if you get angry, you don't hold that against people for long time. [true]
You are simple forthright person. [right]
You are a person with sensitivity. [sometimes]
If you use this sensitivity at work and in hobbies, you will achieve great results. [ok]
You should learn a lot while young, and use that experience to help the society in the future. [already am]
You also possess great talent in carrying out matters and handling it efficiently. [when the mood is good, yeah.. hehe]
You are a very active person. [not in sport, though]
You are smart and calculating. [hahaha... pretty right]
You can be rather short tempered, and will not tell your true feelings. [I was once.. but I've learnt enough that nothing's better than an honesty. Short tempered is correct]
This may make you bit lonely, so don't forget to have a broad mind. [yeah.. am often lonely :(]
You are a quick learner, so you will be favored by your boss. [I know. hehehe..]
But if there isn't a person who can set an example, you can not carry out work efficiently. [What??? No way! I'm usually the pioneer!!!]
You may be suited to stay as number two than to stand at the top. [Not true again. I like to be the centre of attention]
You are independent and keeps your own pace. [Yep!]
So it may be better to keep away from the impossible. [What do you mean?]
Because you are a popular person, you will be asked out by many people. Try and turn down offers nicely, or you may disturb the living pace and your own personal relationships. [Haha.. thank you for guessing it so precisely!!! I did not take attentions to HOW I turned them down lately, though]
Your marriage fortune is very good. You will do great as a housewife and also as the person committed to do good for the society. [good to hear about the marriage! But a HOUSEWIFE??? You must be kidding, right?]

Yeah well.. pretty good to have some fun time on the net like that. Mocking friends' result :D Good to get away from my hypocriteness of telling myself not to speak with him anymore, but did last night. Just a day after I was trying to convince myself. :P Plin Plan!


  1. Hehehe... from my side...
    -doesn't hold anger against people for long time
    -is a simple forthright person
    -possess great talent in carrying out matters and handling it efficiently
    -is smart and calculating:D
    -is short tempered
    -is a quick learner
    -is independent

    good housewife? rrr... i gunno... i hope so :p
    You can never believe a random quiz on the internet, anyway :)

  2. carlaaa .. hehe ini mea, aku link yah ;)

  3. eh carla, link nya jangan yg kesitu ... ke sini aja >> .. ini punya aku sendiri .. klo yg ituh rame":D