Sleepy Beauty

Yep, that's me. Hehehe..

I spent my first day of the weekend doing almost nothing but playing games and sleeping. The busy nice weekend I was thriving to get turned out to be NOT that busy and nice. I've read all the comics, novels and books. I've watched all the DVDs and VCDs -- my brother was going to rent me some animes but he found out that it was closed. :( Yeah, it was pretty boring. ANYWAY, Michelle's voices all over the house can always be the cure of boredom. She's just too... cute! And aggressive, I'd say that she's got that from her mom. She kicks and moves her arms a lot.. and sometimes when we were bending to kiss her, she just kicked our chest just in the right place that we had to scream in pain. Grrrmmmbblll.... I predicted that she would be a kickboxer type of girl when she's growing up in a couple of years. Hihi..

Well, I DID have a relaxing though boring Saturday.. but Sunday was not quite the same. After talking on the phone for three hours with Rina on Saturday night, I woke up pretty late on Sunday morning.. That's ok, though, cause I was having my private teaching in the afternoon anyway. But I spent most of the time I was awake by playing games. I felt REALLY bored. So I called Rina just before I went to Ian's house, accepting her the-night-before offer to have an Excelso time at TP. It was good, except the fact that I did not bring my purse! Swallowing back my dignity, I was owing my becak driver some money to pay the bemo fare. *blush in purplish red* Yeah I know.. horrible. Anyway, Rina paid everything in our outing (I'll pay her back later of course). At about 21:00 we took a Blue Bird taxi, which is always believed to be the best taxi company in Indonesia, to find out that he was absolutely a weird person.

He is so much into "Dunia Lain" issue. During our supposed-to-be-convenient journey home, he kept talking about tuyul, genderuwo, sundel bolong, kuntilanak and stuff. Rina was already a bit uneasy and I totally disliked it. We told him to stop talking shit but he kept going. He seemed to be so proud about his "gift" to be able to see the ghosts or spirits, and gave us what-so-called tips of "trapping a tuyul". The driver told us that there was also a follower spirit that protected him in whatever he'd done.. and in the end of our journey, he promised to send him to us in the middle of that night. Sucker!

Well.. arriving home, the TV was playing Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie and Queen Latifa on The Bone Collector. I got interested and watched it. Not realizing that the movie just started. So that means.. it ended at 1 o'clock!!! I couldn't directly sleep so that made me rested for only 3 or 3.5 hours? Ekk... Not to mention that my becak driver didn't come to pick me up (AGAIN... third time in a week!) So gotta take another taxi and got slightly late at school.



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