Mood: bored, empty, confused.

I actually don't look like what mood I'm having at the moment. But feeling weird somehow that I've spent quite a hard time to sleep a wink at night - while normally it's never a problem considering my tight schedule and limited time for sleep.

This may be a loneliness or something.. both mentally and physically. But my expectation is not just to spend a fun time with nobody. It must be sweet to be loved and cared for.. Occassionally getting attentions and letting go some burdens in mind. A little spoiled.. Man, when can I enjoy that again?

Am crazy about Paul Walker - Brian O'Conner in 2 Fast 2 Furious - at the moment. He looks like somebody I admire very much in a way. But still... *blank eyes staring at nothing* The loneliness stays. Wish there's something real fun coming up.

Paul Walker


  1. wah, kalo paul walker aku juga mauu :D ..

  2. Hi Carla!

    I just gone done through reading ALL of your post back to back.

    I didn't know that the gays over there had their own language. That's cool.

    Also you seem to worry about pick-pockets and thieves a lot over there. Is it really that big of a problem or are you exaggerating? I don't meant to sound accusing or angry or anything like that. I'm just naturally curious.

    I will have to try your recipe sometime but sadly I'm a very very very bad cook haha

    Paul Walker is very cute but so is Johnny Depp ;)

    I agree that people should be proud of the color of the skin.

    You seem like a sweet girl with a good sense of humor. Your blog is going on my favorites list as well :)

    Your friend, Dana

  3. Yay, Dana.. glad you dropped by. :) Well do I exaggerate this pickpocket issue? Uhm.. I don't think so, considering the gap between the rich and the poor here is just too...o wide. You'll be safer if you have your own car though. Since I don't, I'm an alive witness of many street crimes. :P Nevertheless, I enjoy watching people's actions in the real street life. :)

    I used to be Johnny Depp's fan when I was little. While this Paul.. he isn't exactly my type.. but in a way he really looks like my then sort-of boyfriend. *giggles*

    Cheers, Carla.