Clumsy Weekend

I am clumsy. Always have been. But last weekend was really yukky and funny at the same time.

I was watching Along Came Polly on Saturday when my stomach felt kinda weird. I paused the movie and ran to the toilet to relieve the most natural important urge I hardly do regularly - poopie...

Well I was still wearing my eyeglasses so I took them off and hang them in the front collar of my pajamas. Then they suddenly fell off. Right to the toilet.

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

It was so damn GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was panicked and took them out of the shit and wash them three times. But oh it was soooo... nasty. I didn't dare to wear them that whole day.



  1. that's soooo eeeeeeeyuhhhhhh!!!!!

  2. You don't wear them a whole day? Same here, I will stay away from you for a whole week. Ew, disgusting.

  3. Stupid doesnt play...hahaha...
    Jijay pek!
    Enjoy ur glasses..hehehehe
    How's it feel when u wear it now?

  4. nggilani pek arek iki, yaikks. Tambah jelas apa tambah burem 'la ? :P

  5. njuijikiiiii pekkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    so kalo duduk deket kamu trus ada bau2 busuk gitu, aku pasti tau deh where it comes from ;-)

  6. :)))))

    I knew I shouldn't have revealed this! :D

  7. hehehehe... I did got the whole picture. So, no wonder you left your glasses that day at yendy's desk? hehehe, lucky I wasn't kinde enough to grabbed it and gave it back to you -lol- ^o^

    A little advice: wipe it with alcohol or something, to sterylize the bacteria... yuckiee... :D