Between Dreams and Nothingness

Unable so lost,
I can't find my way,
Been searching, but I have never seen,
A turning, a turning from deceit.

‘Cause the child roses like,
Try to reveal what I could feel,
I can't understand myself anymore,
‘Cause I'm still feeling lonely,
Feeling so unholy.

‘Cause the child roses like,
Try to reveal what I could feel,
And this loneliness,
It just won't leave me alone, oh no.
[Portishead - Numb]

That's just exactly the way I feel these past few weeks. But whatever...

Last weekend was pretty fun actually. I went to Hugo's with Rina and CDU gang on Friday night. Some facts I reckoned were: A. They hadn't fixed the aircon; B. They were having a fucking annoying Djarum Black promotion, so almost EVERYONE was smoking! I occasionally got out of the bar and took a deep fresher breath. The smoke was very much annoying and the broken AC surely couldn't exhaust the air inside.

Saturday was a day I should do the school reports. Pfff... I promised to come at 11, but since I was too tired and overly sleepy, I came at 1. Hehehe.. 2 hours late. I must be a very undisciplined naughty teacher.
Well anyways, Rina and I went to TP afterwards.. just enjoying our time, talking at Bentoya restaurant, browsing some cute socks, gossiping etc etc.

Sunday.. I should have taught two students. But at 06:00 Ian called it off for he was going to Malang that day.. and at 08:30 Andrew's mom did the same for Andrew was catching a flu. I almost screamed "Hooraayyy!" but realised just in time that it wouldn't be so nice of me to do that while Andrew's mom was still on the phone. Hahaha.. So.. lekker dag op zondag, he? But not for long, unfortunately. Teguh, a highschool bestfriend drooped by at noon and asked me to change quickly for he was taking me to Tanti's house (also an old friend from highschool). I didn't actually want to go anywhere on my unexpected free day.. but meeting old friends might also be interesting. So I went with him anyway. :D
Tanti looked still the same with the girl I knew during highschool. Only fatter. And so is Teguh. I guess everyone gets fatter when they get older. Hehehe..

Oh but I'm so very lonely! :((


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