Merry Christmas, Everybody!!!!!

It's one of the best times in the year that I always wait for. I'm no religious and I probably go to church twice in a year - Christmas and Easter - and these past few years it was just good that I could go once. :P But I just looove Christmas. It's the togetherness that I cherish. It's the laugh. The hugs and kisses. The bright eyes and gleaming face of my family when they open the Christmas gifts. The hands holding others when praying. The most delicious food that mama cooks and the cookies I bake. The reviews and forgivenesses [yes, my family reviews things at Christmas and not in New Year's eve]. Have I mentioned togetherness?

My time is mostly occupied outside working. 12 hours a day. When I get back home, it's only tiredness that I feel and sleep is what I need. I lack communication with my dear family and am lucky enough to eat momma's food once when she packs me some lunch box. Saturday and Sunday are also busy times.. private teaching time. :P So... I'm really looking forward to sitting on the floor of my house tonight celebrating Christmas with my family. There is no Christmas tree this year. It's a symbol anyway. And my mother likes it that way cause her children do only like to decorate the tree and NOT undo it when it's over. So she'll have to do all the nasty job every year. Hehehe..

And waiting for tomorrow. Going to Bali with my mom for a week! It's been ages since she went there, OR any other places for holidays, the last time. It's really a payback of what she's done so willingly for us, her weird children, these so many years. Thank you, Mama... I hope you'll enjoy our vacation. :)

And for my dear Alto friends.. Merry Christmas to you alllllll!!! I love you and all the happy time we've spent so far. I can't probably find another working place with a better environment than here. :D So, thank you.

I'll try to get connected to the internet during my vacation in Bali and blog every once a while.

See ya next year!!!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Carla
    Have a great holiday with ur mom...
    Gonna miss fighting with you, hehehe *smirk*