Sponge Cake

Hooray, I had the mood to bake a cake again!

I just bought a new special cake recipe book yesterday and thought I'd practise one of them this morning. According to the testimonials of those who already ate it, it was delicious! And they're not dead yet. hehehe..

Well, let's make it short and check my new recipe out.

Sponge Cake

  • 180 gr sugar
  • 100 gr margarine or butter
  • 6 eggs (if the eggs are small, make it seven)
  • 20 gr maizena flour
  • 150 gr plain flour
  • 15 gr powder milk
  1. heat the butter on a small fire and leave it till it's cold.
  2. mix the sugar and eggs until it's thick and leaves pretty long trail when you move it. let's approximate it to 20 to 30 minutes mixing. start with speed 1, change the speed to 3 or 5 when it's well mixed, switch it to speed 2 and make sure that there's no bubbles on the dough, go to speed 1 and keep mixing until there's no single bubble then turn the mixer off.
  3. pour flour, maizena and milk little by little and stir slowly with a wooden spoon.
  4. put the melted butter into the dough little by little and stir well.
  5. pour the dough into a medium tin can (with some baking paper on) and bake for 35 minutes in a preheat 160 degree celcius oven.
Sponge cake is ready to eat!


  1. mau donk dibikinin sponge cake :D disini adanya sponge bob huhu and i have no time to bake a cake, :(

  2. Hehe.. pulang dulu dong.. ntar aku bikinin. :D

  3. Kalo udah jadi call me ya 'la, kamu kan butuh komentar untuk tahu bikinanmu enak apa ngga' hehehe...

  4. is this the cake you brought to the office last friday? hhmmm, enak kok... sering2 aja yah buat...hehehe... en laen kali aku mau 2 potooongg, Laa!! huehehehe ^o^

  5. Valens: Huehehe.. too late, honey. I've already made and shared it with the workmates. :D

    Coolz: Well you WOULD HAVE got two if you went upstairs earlier. Salah sendiri jual mahal. :P