Surabaya Tour

I forgot to pick my new ATM card yesterday so I did it this morning after teaching.

I was planning to take taxi at first but another teacher came up with an idea of eating the famous Soto Ayam Lamongan beside SMUN 17. Everyone agreed and I just couldn't turn it down, though I'd had my breakfast before starting my day. Damn, no wonder I keep getting fatter. It should be my friends' fault! Hihihi.. Well anyways, what made the soto more delicious was cause our manager paid everything we ate. Yeaaahhh! I was saving some money for lunch, fo' sho'!!!

Well from there, I took bemo RT [no more taxi, cause it was just too far and I did concern my financial issue this month]. I switched to bemo UBB, after asking so many times to some bemo drivers if they were going to Kayoon, and arrived just in front of the bank's gate. I craved for some small notes to pay the bemo driver, but couldn't even find Rp 1,000!!! [The fare is Rp 1,500 for far destination]

"Do you have the change for a Rp 50,000,-?" asked me to the driver.

He shook his head. I sighed and prepared a sad face or whatsover excuses and dag every single coin I had in my purse and bag.

I could only collect Rp 950.

I grinned when the bemo stopped and told the driver that was all I'd got. He smiled and said that it was okay.


Yeah I relieved, but felt kinda bad at the same time. His vehicle didn't get so many passengers that time. Very minimum. :( I shouldn't have made him broke even more by having not enough money. :P

But hey.. I got my new ATM card!!! After 2 or 3 years living without! *rolling eyes*

When I left the bank, I also planned to get a taxi to the office. But heck, there were not so many decent taxi available and I was in the centre of the town! Tsk tsk tsk..

So I took the first bemo I saw, and apparantly it was a wrong one, that took me to the farthest part of Surabaya (from my house). Jembatan Merah. Huaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Well I was not very much in the mood. The heat was absolutely impossible, traffic jams were everywhere, I was tired and sleepy and I was stuck in the middle of two very fat people, one of whom WAS SO FUCKIN' SMELLY!

My bad luck.

I seemed to spend ages from one bemo to another to get to the office. Ekkk!!!

Well anyways, I entertained myself by filling in a quiz I got from Gabus. This was the result.
You're a Classic Cup 'O' Joe.
You're a Classic Cup 'O' Joe!

What Kind of Coffee are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well... does classic also mean boring? :P


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