Some School Stories

Last week, 4th grade elementary students

Vendra: Miss Carla, Miss Carla.. What is the English translation of "Dasi dan Kursi"?
Other students laughed.
Me: (frowning while surpressing my own laugh) Vendra!!! Watch your mouth!"

Dasi means tie [pronounced tai in Indonesian, which means shit].
Dan means and [pronounced en].
Kursi means chair [pronounced cher].
The pronunciation of dan kursi combined is encer, which in Indonesian means liquid.

Can you guess the whole meaning of the phrase?


Today, 2nd grade of Senior High School

We were having an oral test, where the students should answer three out of five questions we gave them. Indonesian language was forbidden. Let it be the rule, some spontanous Indonesian expressions still came out of some of my students.

Question: Do you want to be a president? Why/Why not? What do you want to be when you're grown up? Why/why not?

Eric: I don't want to be a president because apa ya.. because of the hard work and the people untrusting the profession.
Me: Eric, there is no apa ya in English. (apa means what, by the way).
Eric: Oh sorry.. What ya?
Me: .........................................
Me: So what do you want to be when you're grown up?
Eric: I want to be a programmer.
Me: Why?
Eric: Because.. apa ya.. oh.... what ya?
Me: .........................................

to be continued...


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