Yogyakarta Part IV (Girls are Cleaner than Guys. Think Again!)

Indonesian people are very keen in generalising things, especially when it comes to gender issues. I'll narrow it to girls' expected behaviours and looks at this occasion. Here are some examples.

  1. Girls are pretty when they have long black shiny hair.
  2. The lighter your tone of skin, they more beautiful you are.
  3. Guys are identic with dirt and girls with cleanliness.
  4. Girls should be nice, sweet, calm and polite.
  5. Girls should not wear too skin-revealing clothes as it may attract guys sexually, therefore when there's any sexual abduction to that kind of girl, the fault should not be in the guy's hand, but hers.
  6. etc, etc.
Traveling with two other girls of office mates proved the third point of those general views up there wrong.


I, as well the other workmates, know Jus as the sweetest, calmest, most well-behaved girl in the office. She's a year older than I am and always shows a great maturity to herself and others. Nevertheless, she made me and Pyor pretty annoyed by her walking around our room wearing her sandals, which she used as well outside the room and stepped on dirts and muds, to keep her feet clean. Too much reason for her own cleanliness, they left trails of dirt in the floor and small carpet in front of the shower room. Pyor and I took an action and made this rule of "leaving sandals outside the room" that she had to obey, and it solved the problem.

She doesn't seem that clean anymore, right now. Hehe..


Yes, me. Well, everyone knows I'm reckless, sloppy, clumsy, untidy and a big bunch of other negativities in me. *lol* That already proved statement number 3 a wrong one. But then again, no one takes me as an example of a typical Indonesian girl. :P

Anyway, as usual, I found bruises on my thighs, arms and ankles during the trip as the result of me bumping things in my way; Jus got angry cause I always put money on the sheet of the bed; both Jus and Pyor were always amazed everytime they asked me to plan the traveling destinations and I always answered: "Do I ever plan anything at all? We'll decide when we're on the road."


And ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome our star of untidiness this season! Needless to explain much, the story is just as simple as Pyor forgot to bring the most important thing in traveling -- a toothbrush, forgot to buy it the next day she arrived, and after buying it on the third day, she postponed to use it as soon as she got in to the shower room with a reason that she was going to eat anyway so what was the use of using it right away?

*Jus and I threw ourselves on our bed and rollingly laughed our arses out!*

3 days without brushing teeth! No wonder we smelled something weird all the time. Hehehehehe.....


  1. Wowowowwowowowo...
    You have been writing 4 part of Yogya trip. Must be quite memorable, huh? :)
    Well, I knew that u guys were in Yogya from Jus, whom I sms at about 10 pm but still waiting for you in an internet cafe. Also, I called pyor a day after her birthday... berani juga ya dia nyusul kalian sendirian naek kereta ke Yogya... aku sampe skrg masih cuma punya keberanian buat travel with plane, krn airport lebih aman dari macem-macem selama perjalanannya... but yeah, I wanna be more independent than I am now. I'm better now (I think). I learnt it from you too, my friend...

  2. Well Pyor improved a lot if I had to compare her when she joined me traveling the first time. But I always knew she is a tabah girl. And I don't understand why you're afraid traveling by anything else but planes? Every transportation has its own risks and advantages.

    Airport is safer than the other public transportations? You haven't been too many times on a plane, then. I once lost 900 euro in that what-you-called safe airport.

  3. hehehehehe airport aman?!
    what do you think the target of those terorists, coolz?! they will prefer airports more than stasiun gubeng atau bungurasih!

    do agree with carla: "every transportation has its own risks and advantages"

  4. Abis gini coolz mikir lagi kalo mau naik plane...hehehehe...
    CIA YOU coolz!!

  5. still wondering why "they" love to generalize things about girls.. it's like girls are one single species and all girls all the same ... as if we're cloned or sumthing :P lol

  6. Mea, that's it. It irritates me a lot of time.