Yogyakarta Part I (Justine's Secret Lover)

9 February 2005

After a long endless discussion with Mariza about going to Borneo this week, Justine and I cancelled it for the tickets were not getting cheaper. Mariza went alone there to see her lover, while Jus and I deciced (just) the day before the vacation itselt, to go to Yogyakarta once again. We went to the train station to get us tickets but alas.. none were available. We decided to take a bus instead in the morning.

The fast bust we were ought to take turned out to be always full. We waited for 2 hours in terminal until one man suggested us to stand in the other direction in order to get a seat. I thought he was honest so I took Jus there.

Just in our way, a guy asked me: "Would you like a taxi service, miss? To the airport, maybe?"

"No, thanks," I replied.

I walked farther and glanced back if Jus followed me. But no, she was there talking with the taxi driver who previously offered his service. Ok, I thought, it shouldn't be taking long. But no, it took quite a while. What the hell was she discussing with that guy? I wondered.

It was then I saw the bus we wanted. I turned at Jus and called her as loudly as I could. I wanted to check if it was the right bus. She didn't seem to hear or notice me. Wow, that taxi driver must be quite amusing. Hehehe...

Well I looked at the other direction where we were formerly standing, to see some people running and rushing their way toward the bus.

Shit, it was it!

I called Jus again and started running as fast as I could. The only most important thing in my mind was to get 2 seats for both of us or we wouldn't ever get into Yogyakarta! Panting, I was one of the first people who got in front of the bus' door. Many folks tried to push me from behind so that I could't make to get into the bus with my very very big and heavy bag on my back. I told them to stop and jumped in as best as I could. I succeeded.

I took 2 seats in the third row from the front door and waited for Jus. After really a while, she got in, smiling sheepishly.

I said, "I thought you wouldn't want to leave your taxi driver."


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