Yogyakarta Part II (Pyor's Arrival)

Jus received some sms-es from back home. Mostly were from her mother informing exchanging Surabaya's andYogyakarta's weather forecast, and from Pyor telling that she was going to join us the next day. We were at Prambanan temple when Justine was busy with her cellphone answering the smses.

The Prambanan visit was not as fun as we expected before when the rain poured the earth heavily. But Jus and I tried our best to have fun and be happy in our wet clothes.

Pyor changed her plan. She informed us that she was going to come by train that evening, instead of the next day. I asked Jus to tell her that I'd pick her upat the station when she arrived. She just needed to tell us what time she would arrive. 8 o'clock. Cool.

We continued our way to Ratu Boko Palace with our rented motorbike that I rode. It was almost dark when we were there, and as any other places in Yogya, this one was not that satisfying either in my eyes. I don'tknow why.. I just don't love Yogya that much inspite of the fact that I had some cool memories here.

The rain got heavier when we were on our way back to the hotel. I was all wet and cold and shivering hard when the rain turned out to be like heavy big sharp needles hitting my face skin. I decided to stop at a restaurant and had dinner there.

The food tasted great, but Jus complained again that it was too expensive (hehe..).

Well there was still some rain when we were on the road again. I just let it be or otherwise we would never get back into the city (Prambanan is outside Yogyakarta).

Soaked, tired, sneezing and weak, we rushed showering as soon as we arrived in our hotel. Jus gave me someVitamin C supplement after I finished showering and I was about to pick Pyor up. There was something that prevented me to go to the station right away. I smsed Pyor where she was.

"I'm in Solo," replied her. And that should be an hour long from Yogya! That was 8 o'clock and if I didn't ask her first she wouldn't tell us she would be late.

9 o'clock.
SMS- Pyor, where are you?
No reply.

9.30 pm.
Jus: I'm getting tired and sleepy. Why hasn't she arrived yet?
Me: Dunno.
I was also super tired and sleepy.

A while later, about 10 o'clock:
Pyor: hi I arrived. where are you?


What should I call it? Superb lateness?


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