Yogyakarta Part III (Moody Day)

I don't know why my monthly period always chooses to visit me in the very few times of the year when I am on vacation. It happened last December, last November and in some other traveling activities I made. It happened again this time.

Tiredness was what I felt after my Prambanan and Ratu Boko trip yesterday. Not to mention the heavy rain and the long-waiting period of Princess Pyor to arrive. Tragically, when I actually needed the rest the most, I couldn't close my eyes and sleep. I was chatting with Jus until 3 o'clock in the morning.

I was not in the mood. We moved to another inn called Monica (well I could spend hours to list you nasty hotels' names in Yogyakarta) as the girls do not want to sleep in separated rooms. Monica hotel happened to have a bigger room in which an extra bed could be fixed with a reasonable rate. It was clean, that was all that mattered. I agreed to move in.

It took us half of the day just to check out from Bladok to this Monica hotel and I already felt weak of the heavy flow inside. I was certainly not in the mood to do anything, sleepy, dizzy and a bit temperamental in a way. I just hope I didn't say anything rude to my traveling companions. But after some discussions, Pyor and Jus agreed to go visit places without me. They rarely go to Yogyakarta that they were pretty much eager to see and do touristy things around like visiting Kraton (the palace), Kota Gede (a village or area that produces the best silver products in Yogyakarta, riding a horse cart, seeing a batik making procedure and just a lot of other stuffs I was not a bit interested in doing. I go to Yogya quite frequently.. guiding some tourists or just hanging out with some friends.

12.00 noon.
Pyor: I wanna do some shopping on Malioboro street this afternoon.
Jus and me: Yeah, me too.
Pyor: Ok, so wait for us, Carla! Don't go shopping by yourself!!!
Me: Fine. When will you be back here?
Pyor: In about 2 hours, we'll have lunch together and go shopping, or to Kota Gede.
Me: Cool, that sounds great.

I woke up and tried to know what the time was. But I had no watch nor mobile phone to check. Lazily I washed my face and decided to go to an expensive internet cafe that I was actually reluctant to go, just to check the time and emails for a while.
It was four o'clock, for heaven's sake!!! Why haven't the girls been back yet?
I was very hungry and thought I would just have something to eat in a nearby restaurant. Just then, a blurred vision of Pyor's darkened face with anger and childish frown appeared in my head. "I told you to wait for us to have lunch!" I imagined she said.

I decided to postpone to eat, but I went to Malioboro street to kill the time by browsing at some pretty cool handmade accessories and buying myself a big bottle of Aqua to release myself from the draining. I didn't go far but without realising it, I already bought a Dream Teather shirt my brother asked me to buy and two pairs of lovely sandals for me and my sis. I forced myself to stop shopping when I saw the clock in a shop struck at 5 and just went back to the hotel to check if my friends were there to wait for me for some eating outing. I was starving as hell.

They weren't there.

Shit, where the hell were they going?
Again, I thought I would just go out and get myself some food. But it was just this custom of Indonesians that Pyor and Jus already showed themselves, that we needed to be together all the time.. the three of us. It wasn't my style at all -- to be dependent to each other's companion to please ourselves but I saw their disappointed looks earlier when I refused to have breakfast and travel to some places with them. This is not my own journey, I thought, I should be more considerate. So shutting all my senses from my grumbled stomach, I took my book and CD player and read in the balcony alone.

It was half dark when Pyor and Jus arrived, tired and sweaty.

"Hey, two hours, huh?" I greeted them.

"Well Pyor said you wouldn't mind not going to Kota Gede with us, so we went there alone," Jus explained.

"Then don't tell me that I should wait both of you for lunch and shopping," I frowned and added, "Have you eaten?"

"Yeah, Pyor did. I didn't cause it was gudeg and we already ate it last night."

At that very moment, I just felt like choking Pyor.




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