Brownies day

I'm fat. But that doesn't stop me from eating more great food. I was baking brownies this morning and shared some pieces with my friends at the website office. They said that it was delicious. Happy happy happy..

Anyway, to prevent me from forgetting the recipe (I reduced some of the sugar and chocolate since I don't like too sweet food), this is how to make Brownies ala Carla:

200 gr chopped dark baking chocolate
100 gr butter
2 spoonful of water
then boil them all together in a small pan. Remember to have another pan with some water beneath the chocolate pan. That is the right way to melt chocolate. Otherwise, if it doesn't melt properly, you'll have to discard it.

Stir slowly till the butter and the chocolate are well mixed and melted, then add 100 gr sugar.

Remove the pan from the fire. Add 40 gr plain flour, 2 eggs (lightly beaten), 100 gr macadamia nuts and vanilie essence. Stir with wooden spoon.

Prepare a baking tin with thin layer of butter and flour (or use baking paper) and pour the half made brownies in. Bake for 35 minutes or until the top is firm enough to touch.

Easy. :)


  1. Hi Ms. Fatty :P

    Reading your recipe make me dizzy..more..and more..and more...hehehe
    For better result need more practice...
    Maybe u should double the ingredients so we all can enjoy your brownies.
    Hope it's not 1 way ticket to H**n (help us God:D)
    Just joke...
    Keep going :)

  2. Darling Justine.. be economic. The chocolate is expensive nowadays and the members of the "downstairs" alto are just too many. That's excluding if that "gembul" Denni takes more than one piece. hehe.. if you want to move upstairs, it will be a different case. :))