Room Chores Solution

I've got an excellent way to be more organized concerning my 3x3 meter room.
It's always been so messy and full of small things I collected, which I myself can't remember when I bought or got them. I actually love cleanliness, I swear!!! But I spend most of my time outside the house to work for 12 hours a day, even in weekends. That's why I've barely had time to clean my room. Yeah, I know, excuses.. Of course I have more free time on Saturday and Sunday, despite my private teaching schedules, but as you might have concluded by now, I've almost had no time for myself. So I used that limited free time to chat with family or play computer games. That leads, again, to: I never clean my room. :P
But I've had this pledge to be more organized since few weeks ago. Someone who really connects with me has changed a lot and he really tries to change like one hundred and eighty degrees of his past behaviours to be a new person. It got me thinking to change some of my bad qualities into a better one. I concluded that it should be my messy lousy characteristic. So I begin to find out solutions.
Everytime I had the right cleaning mood, it always took me the whole day to clean not even three quarters of my room. And I usually left it still messy and my mother had to take over the rest of the job.
THEN I've come up with this extraordinarily gorgeus brilliant idea: to clean only ONE specific item (with all small things on it) every day. So I made this schedule:
Monday: Clean the computer table.
Tuesday: Clean the bed (my bed has some drawers which I loaded with DVDs and comics).
Wednesday: Clean the wine table (small table where I put my wines).
Thursday: Clean the drawing desk.
Friday: Clean the fan.
Saturday: Clean the wardrobe.
Sunday: Organize the clothes (I have my clothes all over the room).
My mother, my cousin Steve and my friend Veve said that it was a strange way to clean a room. They usually do it altogether in one day so that they can do anything else that is fun in the other days. But it doesn't work for me, as I explained above.  Besides, I've proven this to be the best way for me. It only takes five minutes to do each chore every day for it's only one item that I have to mind. And I still can do the rest of my time for myself. :D


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