Sexy Skirt or Sexy Me?

Today sucks.
It was the first school day and we, the English teachers, were asked to attend the flag ceremony with the new students. I have wanted to quit from school and this morning I was in my monthly bad mood.
I was walking in the corridor when I saw the headmistress, a nun, and greeted her good morning. I took my place in the basketball field where we had the flag ceremony when Pak Win, my coordinator, walked behind me and whispered: "Suster (the headmistress) thinks that your skirt is too sexy."
I frowned and looked at Rina who was beside me. "Is it?" I asked her. She shrugged and was not sure. I looked down at my skirt again and examined. I never think it is too sexy. It's not too long, like any other teachers skirts, but it is not too short either. And the cut is not too long/high either. What the heck is the problem with this skirt??? It's a normal skirt!!!
Time went by and when the ceremony was almost over, a teacher introduced each teacher of St. Carolus High School to the new students. Pak Win came to me and asked, "What do you think? I should introduce you all as well, but since your skirt is too sexy, I'm afraid it would be a problem."
I felt like blurting up! I've got a bad stomachache and my legs were in pain and now I have this complaint about a skirt that I have been using for almost a year now!!! And there was no complaints before!!!
Then a female teacher was called and she walked to the place where all the introduced teachers stood. And I heard Pak Win and the others murmured, "Well, her skirt is also sexy. It's long but the cut is.. my..."
And she had no problem.
Thinking positively, maybe I am the one who is too sexy!
I was pretty quiet the rest of the time I spent at school and thinking a lot. My mother has suggested me to quit there since long before.. but my struggle in my mind was not over yet. I do love teaching. But I can't really adjust with the old people's perspective about my clothes. And I can't accept too much bureaucracy that the school applies. Plus hell of course I'm not very good at waking up early at 5 a.m. every day!
I think I'll have to give my resignation letter soon.

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  1. Dont be too heart (or hurt?) feeling.
    Maybe she has bad day too (consider she didnt complaint u until today). In the other hand, your reaction is normal.
    Bout teaching thing...there's so many ways to share your knowledge. Not only at school.
    Every choice has its concequences, if you cant stand it anymore, maybe u should reconsider.