The First Better Day of the Week

Listening to: Paco Fernandez - Oh Home

I feel better. It's still vague here and there 'bout my recent issues but I could finally generate ideas, though still unclear, for me and for Mr. Him. As for my dogs, it's still an irritating thing to talk about them and I absolutely am reluctant to discuss it.

I forgot to bring my lunch box again yesterday so I had my mother prepare it in another disposable lunch pack. I heard again for nine thousand five hundred and twenty six times many people say: "I'm just so amazed that you don't forget your nose, Carla."

That should be the next item to improve in my "Gonna be more organized" project agenda.

Damn this is the end of the work days in the end of this month and I'm still not encouraged to get my target completed!!! I'm so bored.. I was very determined to get the bonus earlier.. but it doesn't seem really matter now.

Marijnboy chatted with me a little today, getting up very late for work. No mandi but washing face, brushing teeth and sprays of deodorant here and there and done. But still, in the very short moment he was busy preparing things, he was chatting with me. I loved it.. and appreciated it. It quite made my day. Hihihi.. it's so funny when you see small things like that can make a girl happy.

O well.. I hope tomorrow is even better. Hoping as well I can keep my eyes open till I complete all work and get my target fulfilled.

Back to life, back to reality
Back to life, back to reality
Back to life, back to reality
[Back to Life - Soul II Soul]
Pray for me.

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  1. hi hi... actually my blog is this epilogpanda is my 2nd blog.I just wanna try benda baru...hehe...anyway,salam perkenalan...:)