Winning The Settlers IV

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It's getting easier for me to win this game (or series of this game) after almost 10 months trying to analyze how it worked.

I bought this game, The Settlers IV, last year and was not impressed at first since it takes a long time just to build the primary buildings etc. Patience is never my biggest advantage and I abandoned it for some months giving up.. until I tried it again few months ago, with more patience intended.

It struck me when I finally won a game (The Race Campaign) and I got addicted playing it. Then I could finish it quicker each time I played.. and NOW, I'm the winner of The Race Campaign by the Romans (all three levels), The Race Campaign by the Mayans (2 levels) and The Race Campaign by the Vikings (also 2 levels). Gotta finish the Mayans' and the Vikings soon. On the other side, I still have more missions to do in The Dark Tribe Campaign. I'm still on mission four. As for the map games, I already won in the New Start, All Green, Middle Islands and some more that I can't recall.

I feel kinda satisfied.

Yess... Carla, the great strategy maker.


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