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Last night sucked.

Denni decided to stay in the office a bit longer after the other workmates went home. I waited for him until he finished his "important business". Well, we were about to leave that we checked all doors and windows and electricity. The front (wooden) door was unlocked, very unusual. Later we found that we did not have that door's key. Denni then called Jon to crosscheck and we found no solution but having Jon go back to the office to lock it. Poor Jon came back then, very tired just like Denni and I, and fixed the mess.

I arrived home at 11. With all the pluses (greeting my dogs, washing my face and brushing teeth), I probably slept at around 12. And as usual I woke up at 5 for teaching. Now I'm soo.... sleepy. My head span hard. Eergghh...



Sometimes I'm very much annoyed with some cheaty attitudes of my workmates. I'm responsible of arranging the Knowledge Sharing schedule at Excellogix. I reminded them to compile the material and encouraged them to fix the time whenever it's suitable for them (as long as it's in the two-week duration provided). They can also consult their topic and I've given them the possibilities.

Today.. after some other previous similar cases, there was a presentation from Devy about Microsoft Excell. She decided to have it in the evening instead of afternoon. I've warned her a few days before about the possibility of getting a minimum number of attendants if she'd do it at 17:00. But she still insisted in having it at that time. Cool, no problem for me..

At 17:00, the people were going out for dinner as usual. The others left for home. Devy went upstairs to see me and asked if she could postpone it since there were not many people available. I told her not to, cause it was already the end of the month and I wouldn't want to cause myself in trouble with Vera for another delayed Knowledge Sharing. So she did it as scheduled.

As predicted, there were only 3 or 4 people coming to her Knowledge Sharing class. I myself didn't attend it as I needed to fill my stomach with some food before it cried. When it was over, Devy was disappointed and Mariza looked even crosser for the very small number of people attending it. They then bugged me with some comments and grumbled that if they knew that beforehand, they would not have done it in the evening. They also blamed me for not letting them postpone it. WTF!!! I TOLD her what would happen if they did it in the evening, I TOLD her everything she needed to know! Yet they still played a role of some losers acting like it was all just my fault. Hey, guys, for every Altoerz who happens to read this, Knowledge Sharing is NOT an event to force other members to attend it. When there were not many people attending your presentation it should have been nobody's fault. You yourself should be able to pick an interesting topic to attract their attentions. So please please pretty please.. don't be so cheaty and asked me for a postpone date -- when you have already published it on Excellogix online and when you have known that you can't actually expect many people to come in the evening shift -- a few minutes before you start!!!



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