List to do:
  1. Correcting 5 classes' final tests
  2. Counting the final scores of each student (of a total of 5 classes) for School Report
  3. Making 100 or more wallpapers in three working days [which I doubt I'll make it]
  4. Having my home aircon, computer and stereo fixed before the end of the month
  5. Applying for a new ATM for my lost one 3 years ago maybe
  6. Getting the courage to quit at the stressing schools
  7. Making up my financial records
  8. Getting a motorbike
  9. Getting a boyfriend
  10. Making more cash than what I earn now without the company's bonuses!
Already have a headache just to remember and write those. *sigh*


  1. 100 or more wallpapers??? fixing 3 broken things in d same time?? .. wah .. you really are busy ... bagi" donk wallpaper nya klo dah jadi, wallpaper apaan emang?

  2. yeah.. :( i sent the computer to where i bought it this morning. but stereo and aircon have to wait. *sigh sigh sigh*

    making wallpapers is my job at the website company. it's for the desktop thingie.. :D i'll share them with you some later.. probably on this blog or something. :)