My last weekend was not very bad. Despite of the broken computer that makes my free time lame, I survived my recent Saturday by hanging out at this new cafe called Hugo's at Hotel Sheraton. The grand opening was actually the day before, but I suspected that it would be overly crowded then, that Rina and I decided to go on Saturday night. It was a good decision for later that night, we knew that there were 1800 people attending the grand opening. Phew!

I dressed in sexy green half-sleeved shirt, black trousers and new half rubber shoes while Rina was wearing her new black loose top she bought with me the other day and jeans. Arriving there the reception girls asked us what we would like to drink. That was just the time when one of them touched my arm and said: "Hey what are you doing here? I'll tell your mom you're going here."

Errr... this person seemed to know me very well as she spoke warmly. And she obviously knew my mother. But who the hell is this blonde girl (dyed, of course)?

We talked and talked as if we knew each other very well. I decided not to reveal my short and long term memory loss of people's face and name as it might hurt her. But when we left her for paying our orders, I was trying really really hard to remember her name. I realized who she was just a second BEFORE I looked at her name printed on our bill.

Meet Cindy Halatoe, my cousin.

Direct cousin.

Ekkkk... I must be in the worst stage of memory damage. She is my cousin. COUSIN. COUSIN.

Geez.. it showed how close and caring we were huh? Hehehe...

Well anyway, Hugo's not bad. The local band was nice, drinks were nice (though stupidly expensive) but the decoration sucked. There were these two big pilars placed just in front of the stage - which caused us a bad time to see the band's performance. I know that the pilars were always there. But they can actually place the stage in the bar's side. THAT WAY, we can see the band through the pilars. :P

I found that one of the bartenders was my church friend - whose name, again, I failed to remember. Hehe.. Man, I really have to put this on my self improvement list. I'm getting worse at this. :(

It was fun alright.. except the fact that there was this one guy who tried to impress me with his smug smile. He followed me wherever I went, when I danced, when I drank beer and talked to Rina, he was just being my tail! He was attempting to touch my waist at the dance floor and when I looked annoyed he asked: "Nobody's going to be angry, right?" I answered: "She will," while pointing at Rina, and I slapped his hand from my waist. Rina didn't get to hear what I said then, but when I told her the whole story at the bar later on, she laughed and said: "Are you saying that you were implying us to be a couple of lesbians??? You are crazy!"

Well, he didn't give up. I disappeared from his sight for a moment until he found me and Rina again in the other corner and said: "Hey, I was looking for you. Would you mind joining me and my friends there?" Oh, some guys just don't understand signals and words. I should have simply stuck a piece of paper on my forehead with a "FUCK OFF, JERK!" statement printed on it. BAH!


Got time to do this internet quizy to reveal my personality.

You Are From Uranus

You shine with brilliant creativity, and you're more than a little eccentric.
You love everything unusual and shocking. You're one far-out chick or dude.
Anything unconventional excites you - and you have genius potential.
Just don't let your rebel side get the best of you, or else you'll alienate everyone.
Your original thinking and funky attitude is all you need to be you.

Do you think by any chance that the result is true? :D


  1. I am "uranus" too... ha-ha, seemed like we had some common personality (I dont know is it a good thing or not?) :p

    Anyways, always nice to know that u still manage to have fans, don't u think? (trying to think positive) ^o^

  2. Coolz: Oh come on! I never doubt any single second that I always have fans. hehe..

    Well there's nothing negative in the Uranus description as far as I can see. But when I knew that you had the same.. it kinda gave this feeling of negativity. Hahaha.. joking!!!