A Letter

Dear Love,

How have you been doing? Are you busy with work and school and everything or are you just mellow as usual? Do you enjoy life? How was Geneva in fall? It must have freshened up your life a bit by now. I know you needed a holiday badly and I'm glad you were taking it.

I'm writing after having opened some albums of photos of ours, drawings I made concerning you and me, listening to your unusual but nice songs and most of all, remembering the precious time we spent together in a relatively short time, maybe.


I miss them.. a lot. Our memories, that are. I miss your eyes. The way you were looking at me softly (almost foggy) while observing my face and pimples. I miss those mischievious pairs when you were teasing me. I miss them when they wore no accessories but contact lenses. I miss to see the view of the rather deep part of the sea with its corals to beautify them in those pretty eyes.
I miss your curly messy hair that you have always been fussing about. Missing your slender rather skinny body and the way you moved around. I miss your cute face and your soft skin - remember I used to tell you that you should have been a female instead of a male?
I miss your spontaneous actions when I expected them the least. It was hell sweet to be carried on your back when I was a bit dizzy of a lil too much beer. How fun it felt when we rode back in the rain from the beach that afternoon. I miss the times when you cooked me pasta or any delicious food we ate together [I should really blame you for that, you know. Those tasty irresistable food really made me like an advertisement balloon. Grrr]. I loved the way you always picked me up in the station when I went back late at night - worrying that someone might do me some harm. I couldn't enjoy more the times when we sat in front of your computer playing Yuri's Revenge [me as a passive watcher, of course].

They were nice memories. I didn't regret a bit what we had done and how we enjoyed our relatively short but happy moments. I didn't even hate your bloody annoying mood swings that much. Though they were some of the reasons I got hurt so many times, they are still a worthy thing to save in the corner of my mind. Just in case you start bitching and I need to hate you.

I guess this is the best for us now. Being far, being near, being undescribable. Let the time decides and let us be happy in our own way. Though you will probably not read this, you just have to know.. that you are always alive in me.


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  1. fiiuhh... deep and touchy. i see u haven't got over him... and simply stated here 'why' u couldn't :)

    anyway, we handle loneliness with our own ways; I have mine and I know you have yours... I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do:p Being single can be happy. Miss him, but want him not. (hehehe, coz for me, when it's over...it's over... don't attempt to reconcile anyhow). hehe, but what do I know?