Me the Great!

The reflection smiled back at me
Looking proud
Chin up
So arrogant
Yet so beautiful, I admired secretly

My eyes were busy wandering
At his oh so fair and bright skin
Downward to his muscular body
Staring a while at his pretty maleness
Spending a longer time at his pocket
Knowing happily he'd got considerably good amount of legal tender
Being grateful he was born rich

But heck!
Who the hell was that ugly skinny dark girl in whites?
Shamelessly coming into my room with disrespectable clothing and broom
Comforting herself shortly then soon sweeping
What a real wreckage of my prince charming's picture

I was furious!
I'd been always wondering why such creatures do exist in this pretty world
They were worth not more than my old shoes, for heaven's sake!

She was crying now
Helpless weak beast!
If she couldn't take my words she would always be welcomed to find another place to work
Cheap being

Alone again
The most enjoyable moment I always loved
Admiring the lovely guy smiling at me from the looking glass


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