Shit Shit Shit

What could be more unlucky than this?

Saturday, 13 November 2004

I woke up, ate my instant noodle for breakfast, decided to check my Listening Comprehension CD on the computer, turned it on, and found that it was broken.

Frowning at my brother -- he used the computer most of the time -- by imagining how much I should spent for my computer's service, I prepared my bathing stuff, turned on my stereo, got my CD inserted, and found that the tape function was broken, too -- by my niece who was at present in Jakarta. BAH!!!

I slammed the door and house's fence hard leaving to my students' house for some private teachings... in my supposed-to-be-long-and-nice holiday.

08:00 - 12:00

[At Andrew's house]

Andrew: Bu Carla... oh Cie Carla.. eh..
Me: Miss Carla, Andrew. When we are studying English, you have to call me by Miss.
Andrew: But you don't look like a miss.
Me: And what do you mean with it?
Andrew: You don't dress like a miss, you don't look like a miss. If you're wearing your eyeglasses, you will look like a miss. So wear them now please and I'll call you Miss Carla.
Me: ........ [speechless]

I realized later that whom he usually called Miss is usually his teachers at school, who are undoubtedly old!

12:30 - 20:00

I came to TP a half an hour earlier from my appointment time with Rina, which was at 13:00. As soon as I arrived, I smsed her asking where she was. She replied about 15 minutes later: Hi, I'm still at home. Just finished doing housechores. I'm coming in a minute by taxi.

Great, Rin!

I was browsing and choosing books in Gramedia, then. I got this Rp 50,000 voucher reward from Bank Niaga and I was planning to buy some books for my seemed-to-be-empty-and-boring-without-computer holiday. I browsed and browsed and browsed while waiting for Rina. Satisfied with a LOT of books in my shopping bag, I walked to the cashier to pay. They were all in total Rp 198,000 something. I almost choked when I checked the receipt. Even after I gave the vouchers to the cashier woman, I still had to pay Rp Rp 148,000 something. Ekkk.. damn.. why didn't I check the hell prices of the books I took?! Stupid!

Two o'clock and Rina still didn't show up. I just realized that I was hungry so I went to Mc Donald's and ordered Panas Pedas. The girl I always claimed to be my bestfriend innocently showed up when I almost finished my meal. That was 14:20. :P

But ok, we then chatted and joked and browsed and shopped. Walked here and there, tried on this piece of cloth and that, paid these shoes and those etc. At about 5 o'clock, Rina was queuing at the cashier of Matahari when I was shoved by a number of people. TP was indeed very crowded at that time, considering it was just a day before the Ied day. I felt strange when those people pulled me, so as soon as they left I checked my bag. And I was right, my cellphone was stolen! :(( I asked Rina to call my handphone right away, hoping that it just slipped somewhere in my messy bag. But no ring. It was INDEED STOLEN!!!!

I checked again for my purse and found it in the very bottom of my bag, heavy books on top of it. For the first time I was grateful that I was always unorganized. At least I didn't have to cancel those important credit cards. :P

Monday, 15 November 2004


Ita had her baby, Michelle, taken care by mom at home while she was away with her husband. My mother asked her to buy her fried duck when she arrived home later. She did, and we happily ate it.

I felt pain in my throat. Ouch!

Apparently I got a small bone stuck in the middle of my throat and it hurt as hell!!! I tried all ways: swallowing a group of rice without chewing, drinking much much water, soften it with hot coffee but nothing worked! Even until this very moment, the annoying bone is still loyally settling down in my lovely throat.

Damn damn damn!


  1. Sorry about ur handphone, La... By the way, how old is your student, Andrew? He sounds cute ^o^
    U better tell him that "Miss" is not similar to "Mrs" -LOL- or else he might mixed it up 'till he is grown up as a man... hehehe....

  2. He's 12. His brother Tony is cuter, but naughtier, more talkative and more unhandlable. But they are sweet alright :)

    Yeah.. I should put it right. But you just don't have any idea how many times I remind them about this addressing issue. I think it's just so hard for them to get rid of the wrong perception of a "Miss".

  3. Bravo Andrew!! (*plok plok plok) =P
    Don't think about it too much..or u'll get older sooner..hehe
    So, how do I contact u after this?

  4. No, I was not pissed off at all at Andrew's statement, Jus. He's just a kid. Dunno if I'm going to buy a new phone in the near future. I'm actually kinda enjoying the nice undisturbed time without it. Hehe